The body of the pilot of the Russian Su-24 jet shot down by the Turkish air force has reportedly arrived in Turkey, and will be sent to Russia, announced Turkish premier Ahmed Davutoglu in a press conference on Sunday.

According to Russia Today, Turkey is making arrangements for the body of Russian pilot  Lieutenant-Colonel Oleg Peshkov, 45, to be sent  back to Russia in accordance with the Orthodox Christian tradition.

Lieutenant-Colonel Oleg Peshkov was the commander of Su-24 that was shot down by Turkey on 24 November. Peshkov parachuted out of the burning jet, but was killed in random firing by the Syrian Turkmen brigade in northern Latakia in Syria.

The Syrian Turkmen brigade operates in the Syrian region near the Turkish border, and there have been allegations that it is funded by Turkey. [Also read: Syria rebels rob dead Russian pilot; Putin to honour 'hero of Russia']

It has also emerged that Alparslan Celik, the leader of the Syrian Turkmen brigade, is a Turkish national, against whom social media users now have started a wanted-dead-or-alive campaign.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that the country will award the Star of Hero of the Russian Federation posthumously to Lieutenant-Colonel Oleg Peshkov.