The photos of Alparslan Celik, a Syrian rebel leader from Turkey, are being widely shared on social media after he appeared in a video boasting of how he and his men shot the Russian pilot while he parachuted out from his plane on 24 November.

Alparslan Celik is the leader of the Syrian Turkmen brigade, which is supported by Turkey and he shot into the international limelight after he appeared in a video detailing the killing of the Russian pilot.

He even showed-off some of the belongings taken from the Russian pilot, Lieutenant-Colonel Oleg Peshkov. [ReadSyria rebels rob dead Russian pilot]

A graphic video posted online shows a gang member of Celik's group standing over the body of the dead Russian pilot, with his foot over the chest of Lieutenant-Colonel Oleg Peshkov.

It is now being reported that Celik is a Turkish national and his father was the mayor of Keban municipality in Turkey's Elazig province.

Celik, who has earlier appeared in numerous propaganda videos of his group, is also the member of The Grey Wolves, which is an ultranationalist group that has carried out several political assassinations.

Photos of Alparslan Celik

Image shows Celik in Turkey with local leaders

Some on social media also put a wanted dead or alive notice against Alparslan Celik