At least 86 people were reportedly killed and nearly 200 others injured in two successive explosions in Turkey's capital city of Ankara on Saturday. The Turkish government has called it a "terror attack".

The twin blasts took place near the Ankara train station where a rally was being held, as per the Turkish media.

The blasts took place around 10.05 am local time.

A Reuters report put the death toll at 86, while it said 186 others were injured. Images of the spot showed the street covered with bodies and blood.

Some reports even claimed that it was a suicide attack. 

The incident was captured on a camera as the video shows the purported terror attack in Turkey. In the clip, several youths are seen holding hands and chanting at the rally when a loud blast takes place behind them.

According to reports, the rally was called by the Confederation of Public Sector Trades' Unions (KESK) to demand an end to the fight between the Turkish government and the terrorist organisation PKK. 

In July, dozens of people were killed in a suicide bombing in Suruc in turkey, which was later claimed by Isis.