Producer Sai Korrapati, who is known for his movies such as "Eega", "Legend" and "Oohalu Gusa Gusalade" is back with his new venture – "Tungabhadra", which has got mixed reviews from critics and viewers.

"Tungabhadra" is a political drama in the backdrop of a love story. Written and directed by debutante Srinivas Gogineni, the movie is about two warring groups in a village in Vijayawada. The director has tried to convey a message in an entertaining way. Adith Arun and Dimple Chopde play important roles, while Satyaraj and Chalapathi Rao also make an impact with their appearances.

Sivaramakrishna (Satyaraj) and Trimurthulu (Chalapathi Rao) are heads of two factions. Sreenu (Adith Arun) is a sidekick of Sivaramakrishna and falls in love with the latter's daughter Gowri (Dimple Chopde). Sivaramakrishna comes to know about Gowri's love affair. Meanwhile, his opponent tries to attack him. What happens next form the crux of the movie.

All the actors have delivered brilliant performances in "Tungabhadra", which has good production elements. But critics are not happy with its predictable plot.

Here, we bring you the critics' verdict on "Tungabhadra". Please read the movie review round-up.

123 Telugu Rating: 2.75

Tungabhadra is a below par product from the house of Vaarahi. A decent first half, some comedy scenes and a emotional climax are some assets. On the flip side, a routine story, lag in narration and predictable story line spoils the mood of the film. All those who like rustic village dramas can give this film a shot.

India Glitz Rating: 3

A political drama that ends up tasting like a mimic. The film comes into its own in the second half. One wishes some dialogues anticipated such profundity in earlier scenes.

AP Herald Ratings: 1.5

Director Srinivas had a tough task to extend an hour long story into a two hour film and he fills the space with lots of unneeded jokes and over the top characterizations. Over the top isn't inevitably bad, but it has to be good enough for the viewer to deluge into it completely and this film fails to achieve that. So instead of enjoying the characterizations, we start laughing at them and it's very difficult to slot Tungabhadra into a genre. There are strains of drama, romance, comedy, action and the derisory in the film. What it doesn't have is something that binds all of this together. Director makes an outré mash-up of several genres and ends up with a film that doesn't do justice to any.

Telugu Mirchi Rating: 2.5

The movie is entirely set in a village back drop and it takes off on a very serious note about village politics. Tungabhadra is surely not a bad attempt, but is a below par product from the Vaarahi Banner. It is a routine and predictable story. One can watch the film, who are interested in faction politics.

Great Andhra Rating: 2

The director completely succeeds in putting across the message that political leaders putting the lives of their followers at risk for power only results in loss of lives. But the rest of the film is rather superfluous and one does not feel the intensity of the plot till the very end. Also, barring Satyaraj, all other characters aren't well developed and that takes away from the narration.

Business of Tollywood Rating: 2/5

Director Srinivas Krishna has portrayed an intense political drama with a love story but fails when the script becomes too predictable post interval.