Tum Bin 2
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After the appreciation that Tum Bin had garnered 15 years ago, director Anubhav Sinha has now come up with Tum Bin 2 amid much expectation among the fans. However, the second installment of the franchise does not have much new to offer, except a few twists.


Neha Sharma (Taran) loses her fiancé, played by Aashim Gulati (Amar) in an accident. With no hopes from life, the girl drowns in utter depression. Aditya Seal (Shekhar) comes into her life with a shoulder to cry upon.

Being the nice guy he is and with making her find new reasons to smile and enjoy life, Neha soon falls in love with Aditya and vice versa. Neha's family and even Aashim's father is happy about the new relationship brewing between the two as Aditya won everyone's hearts with his pure heart.

Then comes one of the twists as Aashim turns out to be alive and is in coma since eight months. His family could not find his body after the accident and had assumed him to be dead, but some other people had found him by a river side and had admitted Aashim to a hospital. He was treated there for eight months until he regained senses (PS: No idea about who paid for the treatment).

Aashim comes back and that creates distance between Neha and Aditya. Neha is happy about Aashim being alive, but she is depressed too at the same time for letting Aditya go out of her life. Eventually, she decides to tell the truth to Aashim and she gets back to Aditya. Soon another truth hits Neha, when she comes to know that it was Aditya for whom Aashim had gone into coma. Things get more complicated thereafter. However, another twist arrives at the climax and to know that you have to watch the film.


One who has watched Tum Bin, can easily bring out many similarities between the plot of the original and Tum Bin 2. First similarity is the girl's fiancé dying in an accident, though he comes back alive in Tum Bin 2. Second similarity, a good-hearted guy lends his supporting shoulder and eventually the two fall in love with each other. Third matching point, the second guy is the same person for whom the fiancé suffers the near fatal accident.


While Neha is considerably a well-known actress, the two new comers Aditya and Aashim are also good enough as far as acting is concerned. All the stars have done justice to the characters by convincingly portraying the emotions.


Tum Bin 2 is a nicely narrated tragic love story but the director failed to add enough new elements in the movie. The franchise is inherently based on tragic romance genre but that does not mean the script also has to be similar. However, the film is not dragged at any point, which otherwise, could have been disastrous. The music of Tum Bin 2 is nice but not up to the mark of the original.


The emotions are beautifully crafted with good performances by the stars. The film is not unnecessarily stretched at any point, keeping it short and crisp. Apart from beautiful visuals, the director has incorporated a couple of twists that keep the interest alive.


Although Anubhav Shina portrayed the tragic love story in a beautiful manner, Tum Bin 2 appears to be more or less just a revised version of the original with a fresh star cast.