Salman Khan
Salman Khan waves to his fans at Galaxy ApartmentsGettyImages

On Monday morning, Salman Khan fans woke up to a shocking news that said that the Dabangg Khan was moving out from Galaxy Apartments, the place which has now become a shrine for fans to visit. It was also being said that Salman would be shifting his base to a posh locality and build a much bigger home than his current one. However, a source close to Salman has rubbished the rumours saying that the superstar will stay with his family even though his parents keep asking him to move to a bigger place.

"Salman isn't going anywhere. These rumours (of him shifting out) keep recurring once in a while, but as always there's no truth to it. Salman will never leave Galaxy Apartments. It is where he grew up and it is his home. Never mind if there isn't enough space for him in the apartment, he is way too attached to his current home to contemplate a move," the source was quoted as saying by Deccan Chronicle.

A close friend of Salman further added, "Bhai insists on staying with his family. He won't go anywhere without his parents, and his parents are not willing to budge. Thankfully Bhai isn't getting married anytime in the near future. Imagine if his wife had to be accommodated in that small apartment."

Salman, at 53, is still living his life as a singleton even after being loved by millions of people across the globe. Though the Dabangg Khan has been in relationships in the past and many times he was very close to getting married but it just didn't work out. There has never been a single event where Salman hadn't been questioned about his marriage. Many people are still wondering why Salman is not getting married.

And there could be a possibility that Salman may want to stay celibate for the rest of his life until the right moment.