Indian Statistical Institute, in their M. Stat 2nd year question paper, gave a question mentioning the word 'covfefe' which US President Donald Trump once used in his tweet and baffled the internet.

The tweet went viral in May,this year when President Trump tweeted at midnight: 'Despite the negative press covefefe'.

The tweet was active on his account without any comment or clarification overnight. It was not even deleted until shortly before 6 am in the following morning.

Donald Trump later replaced it with a tweet reading: "Who can figure out the true meaning of 'covfefe' ??? Enjoy!"

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Indian statistical institute used the word COVFEFE in question number 5.Twitter

Taking a dig at the incident, Indian Statistical Institute framed a question which says: "Mr Trump decides to post a random message on Facebook and he starts typing random sequence of letters {Uk}k>1 such that they are chosen independently and uniformly from the 26 possible English alphabets. Find out the expected time of the first appearance of the word COVFEFE."

If you're still wondering what that word means, let's tell you when Trump posted that word, Merriam-Webster, the dictionary that became one of the most prominent and unlikely critics of Donald Trump, made it clear that it didn't know what the word meant. So, a dictionary will not be able to help you there, either.

Soon after the test was over, people took to Twitter to share their thoughts about it. One of the users shared the picture of the question paper and wrote mentioning Donald Trump: "Your tweet now has appeared on question paper of Indian Statistical Institute. See qstn no.5. you are a laughing stock all over the world. [sic]"

Another user wrote: "The answer is "never". Trump, after all, is on Twitter, not Facebook. But I'm even more impressed with professors at the Indian Statistical Institute now![sic]"

While another user wrote: "The Indian Statistical Institute shows how to make the most out of randomness #MakeRandomnessGreatAgain.[sic]"