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Robert Trump, President Donald Trump's younger brother, has been admitted to a hospital in New York, media reports claim.

While the details about his conditions are not known, sources say that Robert is "very ill."

President Trump in a tweet said that he visited his brother on Friday. He, however, didn't give any information about his conditional or the reason why he was admitted to the hospital. But went on to say about the November election in the same tweet. 

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According to White House sources, Trump would remain nearby in New Jersy as he has to deliver remarks to the City of New York Police Benevolent Association.

Earlier, White House Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany had confirmed the hospitalization of Robert and said that the President "has a very good relationship with his brother and his brother is very special to him."

As the news of him being gravely ill and hospitalized came out, people expressed sympathy and indifference in equal measures.

While some people prayed for his swift recovery, others said that they couldn't care less.

Netizens react to Robert's hospitalisation

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Donald Trump's handling of coronavirus pandemic has alienated millions of Americans who say more than 165,000 people died because of Trump's dogged push for reopening the economy leading to a high rate of COVID infections.

Robert Trump

While there's is no confirmation that Robert Trump has been infected with the coronavirus, people say if he has been infected with the virus, it's the karma of Donald Trump who even tried to cut the Medicare budget for regular Americans.

Robert, 72, was earlier admitted to the hospital in June for ten days for an unknown illness. There was no confirmed report that Trump visited him then.

Robert is one of the four siblings to the President. He was most recently in the news in June when he filed a temporary restraining order against the release of the book by his niece, Mary Trump. The court, however, dismissed his petition and allowed the publication of the book that's scathing tell-all family expose and portrays Donald Trump in a bad light.

Mary Trump is the daughter of their eldest brother Fred Trump Jr, who died of alcoholism in 1981.

Robert had supported Donald Trump's presidential bid in 2016 and was reported to have said, "If he were to need me in any way, I'd be there," Robert said. "Anything I could do to help."