US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, who landed in Ahmedabad at around 12pm today, will head to the national capital with his wife. The Grand Presidential Suite in which they will stay costs Rs 8 lakh per night.

Apparently, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner will also be staying in the same hotel on Sardar Patel Marg in New Delhi.

Donald Trump itc maurya
Before him, Presidents Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama had stayed in the property earlier.IANS

Preparations are on in full swing to welcome Donald Trump and Melania Trump to India. The couple will subsequently visit Agra following which they will be heading to the ITC Maurya hotel.

ITC Maurya has virtually turned into a fortress as the countdown begins to receive the most powerful man in the world -- US President Donald Trump.

Potus, along with Flotus or First Lady Melania, will become the fourth US President to stay at the Grand Presidential Suite or the Chanakya Suite of the ultra-luxe ITC Maurya on Sardar Patel Marg in the national capital.

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Before him, Presidents Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama had stayed in the property earlier. The Chanakya suite is on the 14th floor of the luxurious property.

It emerges that the Grand Presidential Suite represents an Indian global theme and has been decked up afresh for the US President. At present, ITC Maurya is the only hotel in India that offers indoor air quality at par with WHO standards.

itc maurya
The Chanakya suite is on the 14th floor of the luxurious property.IANS

News agency IANS has also learned that the US President may experience tandoori delights at Bukhara, a tradition enjoyed by Clintons and President Obama in the past. The chefs are preparing a Trump platter along with the signature Dal Bukhara.

Luxury in abundance

For the uninitiated, the Grand Presidential Suite is akin to a massive luxury apartment with all the bells and whistles. The opulence and ostentation is tasteful and not gaudy. The mini-mansion boasts of silk panelled walls, dark wood flooring, and magnificent artwork. The suite comprises a reception area, a large living room, a study, a peacock themed 12-seater private dining room, a huge bathroom with mother of pearl accessories and a mini spa and a gymnasium.

Diet Coke and Cherry Vanilla ice-cream

The Trumps will have valets waiting hand and foot, led by the presidential floor butler who will ensure that the US First Couple's every wish is fulfilled. The suite has already stocked up on Diet Coke and Cherry Vanilla ice-cream, as these two items are the President's faves.

Eat what you like

The US First Couple will be provided with their own private chef and he can prepare any kind of cuisine or food they want in a jiffy. An assortment of baked delicacies, personalised with a collage of photographs of the couple, is likely to await them in their Presidential Suite. The Presidential Suite also guarantees exclusive access to a business courtyard, the Summit Lounge and as well as a private boardroom.

Tradition with a touch of global luxury

The Chanakya Suite spans 4,600 sq ft, costs around Rs 800,000 a night, and includes steam and sauna areas in addition to living quarters. The Tyeb Mehta paintings and illustrations from the Arthashastra on the wall lend a traditional touch while the Villeroy and Boch crockery and Cristal De Paris glassware add a touch of global luxury.