Former US President Donald Trump's blog page, which he started last month in response to major social media companies banning him, has been shut down. 

On Wednesday, Trump's advisor Jason Miller said that the "From the Desk of Donald J. Trump" page would be discontinued and would not be making a comeback. Trump's team has floated several ideas for the former Republican President to launch a social media platform. However, no concrete details to this effect have been shared.

The Blog Page

The page was launched to be a place to "speak freely and safely" to serve as a one-way channel of communication that consisted of Trump's posts that could be liked and shared on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, from which Trump is still blocked.

Following Jan. 6th riot when a pro-Trump crowd stormed the Capitol, a plethora of social media platforms blocked him from using their platforms. Even Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube had also banned the former president's accounts soon after the incident.



Twitter, a well-known social media website that Trump frequently used, has stated that its ban is permanent, even if he attempts to run for the office again. Before being barred, the businessman-turned-politician had over 88 million followers on Twitter.

Social Media


The independent monitoring board of Facebook Inc ruled that the firm was correct to ban Trump, but criticised the move to suspend for an indefinite duration. The monitoring board handed Facebook six months time to come up with a proper response in this matter last month. Most probably, Facebook may decide the fate of his account in December 2021.