Donald Trump lost the presidential race against Joe Biden, but former president's campaign advisor was so sure of Trump's victory, he placed a wager. Now when it's time to act the dare, he's got cold feet. Harlan Hill, a Trump-campaign adviser, in November boldly agreed to eat his own shoe on a live-stream if Biden won as he was "one hundred percent" sure of Trump's victory. The fate had something else in store for Trump and his campaign advisor.

"Oh, he's gonna win. One hundred percent," a confident Hill told The Atlantic at the time, adding that "I'll eat my shoe. We'll do it in a live-stream" if things went the other way. And as the world stands witness, things did go the other way.

Will Hill eat shoe

Americans would have loved to watch an old-fashioned dare come to life. So Mediate reached out to Hill, following up on his lost wager and to see if he'll actually go through with the bet. He backed off, but that's not the only surprise.

"Trump won"; no dare

Even though Trump lost the election fair and square and the former president dramatically conceded, Hill is of a different opinion. He told the paper that "Trump won." It is not clear if he still believes that Trump actually won the election or is it just a way to get away with the dare.

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Going by Hill's tweets, he has maintained his stance about Trump's victory and claims it the election was somehow rigged by the Democratic party.

"Democratic mob bosses have stolen an election and undermined the democratic process," he tweeted on December 2. Then again on December 15, he tweeted "Trump was robbed."

End of all, it is clear by now that Hill won't be going through with the dare, let alone believing that Trump lost to Biden.