Aditya Narayan and Salman Khan trolled with memes after former hit an auto-rickshaw with his car
Aditya Narayan and Salman Khan trolled with memes after the former hit an auto-rickshaw with his carAditya Narayan Facebook/Getty Images

Singer Aditya Narayan made headlines for ramming his car Monday night into an auto-rickshaw and injuring the driver and two passengers. While many slammed the young singer for apparently being careless on the road, some creative minds came up with funny memes, including those involving Salman Khan, to troll Udit Narayan's son.

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Aditya was arrested on Monday for hitting an auto-rickshaw with his car, injuring the driver and two passengers — a woman and a senior citizen. Udit Narayan's son hit the vehicle when he was trying to take a U-Turn. Charges of rash driving were brought against him.

Although he was released on bail soon, people on social media are not merciful enough to let it go. They expressed a strong reaction to Aditya's alleged actions. He got trolled more because the incident of his scuffle with airport authorities some time ago — where he had threatened an airport employee — was still fresh in people's minds.

There are many tweets slamming Aditya. One said: "U shud have been arrested long back when u threatened the airline staff... Finally u got arrested for gud."

Another wrote on Twitter: "Man this aditya narayan is such a douche....hope that auto rickshaw driver gets well soon."

A third said: "Who does #AdityaNarayan think he is? An absolute jerk. First misbehaved with an airlines staffer and now injures pedestrians. Shame on him!"

However, some social media users decided to troll the singer through memes involving Salman. Why Salman? Of course because of the hit-and-run case against the superstar.

Aditya as a child actor had featured with Salman in the movie Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai. The film had a scene where Sallu bhai was seen teaching young Aditya driving. Trolls took stills from the film and started trolling the duo, suggesting that such cases are bound to happen when someone takes driving lessons from Salman.

However, there are a few who have been praising Aditya for taking the injured trio to a hospital, and for not fleeing the spot.

Meanwhile, Aditya apologized for the accident, and bore all the expense of the victims' treatment.

"I expected him (auto-ricksaw driver) to slow down at the junction but he didn't brake and took a right turn. I swerved on the left to avoid him and hit the auto-rickshaw on the side, causing it to topple over twice. It was an unfortunate accident and I feel sorry for what has happened," IANS quoted Aditya as saying.

Check out some of the funny memes on Aditya doing the rounds on social media: