"Trisha Illana Nayanthara" has opened to positive reviews from the audience, though it is restricted only for youths.

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"Trisha Illana Nayanthara" is an adult comedy written and directed by Adhik Ravichandran. Anandhi and Manisha Yadav play the female leads. Simran, VTV Ganesh and others are in the other cast. 

Arya, Priya Anand and Yugi Sethu have done cameos in "Trisha Illana Nayanthara". GV Prakash himself has composed the music for the movie, which has Richard M Nathan's cinematography and Anthony L Ruben's editing.

The movie is a bold attempt by the young team and experimental in some way as there is not a history of adult comedies going well with the Kollywood cine-goers in the recent years.

The hero Jeeva (GV Prakash) has a knack of having two parallel romantic affairs since his childhood. At some stage, he handles Ramya (Anandhi) and Aditi (Manisha), the girls who have different tastes and lifestyles. But both the relationships fail.

However, Jeeva comes across Anandhi again on his way to Kumbakonam. With the help of Simran, he now plans to win her back. What happens next is the interesting part of the story.

The reviews from the audience clearly say that "Trisha Illana Nayanthara" is for new-age audience. The movie may not have solid content but it tries to project the modern-day relationships. Overall, audience will have enough fun watching the movie.

GV Prakash is showing improvement in his acting abilities, Anandhi and Manisha have enacted their characters well along with VTV Ganesh. GV Prakash's music is average and the music and editing departments have done their justice to their jobs. Below, we bring to you the viewers' response to the movie:

Vignesh Kandaswamy Wrote
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara - Much hyped BOLD climax is truly different & better than utmost sequences in the movie.Arya and Priya Anand unneeded.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara - This movie on the whole tries to be an adult comedy entertainer but ends as a mindless silly movie at most places
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara - Songs are okay but comes at unwanted places and irritates us.Mayakkam Enna movie BGM comes thru out the movie.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara - VTV Ganesh evokes laughter at times but not so impressive.Yugisethu did a nothing role that was irritating.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara - Anandhi is good while Manisha is purely used for skin showing to attract youngsters.Simran utter waste.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara - @gvprakash has improved as an actor from Darling and have shown good changes lookwise for every age.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara - Director has purely crafted this film keeping the bad words, adult jokes and glamour in mind.Very average.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara - Director has tried this adult comedy but not executed effectively.Basic plot very weak.Only few comedies plus.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara - Story of a teenage boy whose love switches between various girls.Barring few scenes, unimpressive (2.25/5)

Dinesh Posted
Halfway through #TrishaIllanaNayanthara, pakka adult entertainment. Entertaining. Director knows virgin boys pulse and has crafted well.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara- 'A' certificate for a reason. Has got all adult stuff with engaging screenplay that targets virgin boys especially.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara- Extremely awesome. Great job by the team. GV has smashed it. Never enjoyed an adult movie this much.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara- Highlight is, most of the untold or unrevealed things happening between the lovers are told in a realistic manner.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara- It may not be a proper cinema but its a proper entertainment that deals something which any1 would dare 2 attempt.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara- Loved the climax portion. GV nailed it with superb dialogue delivery. Strictly recommended for Virgin boys.

Sreedhar Pillai Wrote
#TIN 2.5/5 On same lines #ThulluvathoIlamai, #Boys, #New, #GrandMasti, #DelhiBelly, #KyaKoolHaiHum etc.Will find favour with youth audience
#TIN 2.5/5. #AadhikRavichandran has made it blatantly raunchy, with obligatory preachy moral sermon in the end. Too much objectifying women
#TIN 2.5/5. A young man looking 4 some "Matter" has 2 young chicks lusting after him. To a large extent @gvprakash & Anandhi keep it going.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara 2.50/5. Adult sex comedy. Lots of booze, babes , double entendres & misogynistic theme. Spiced with Sexual innuendos

Kannan Posted
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara 1st half - Entertains in 'bits' & pieces.
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara - Adult comedy flick with few silly moments but gets better in the latter half & mostly fun. Watchable! (7/10)
#TIN - Super casting! @gvprakash fits into the role of 'Virgin' guy easily and his catchy songs & BGM blend well with the mood of the film.
#TIN - Nice performance by Anandhi, Manisha apt & good to see Simran back on screen! VTV Ganesh's fun and sporty end cameo by Arya as usual.

Vicky Wrote
#NowWatching : #TrishaIllanaNayanthara
@gvprakash iyooo Thalaivareee chaceyy ilaaa dialogue delivery Enjoyinm here with all audiences #TrishaIllanaNayanthara
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara #Interval : Whole theatre is just enjoying here pure Adult movie ! @gvprakash dialogue delivery Dont miss it

Jeya suriya Wrote
Sharply an hour since #TrishaIllanaNayanthara
Verithanam No Big Storyline But Non-Stop Laughter
A movie to hangout Awesome with your Frnz

Gobipolladhavan Wrote
Much awaited liplock in one and half hour..

#TrishaIllanaNayanthara #TIN
Semma Entertainment
First half Adults only
Second half- strictly for adults
#Puli theme music ringtone for GV
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara #TIN

Jackiesekar Posted
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara movie .. Youngsters like lot ... College students enjoyed in theater.

Meyyappan Wrote
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara first half needs trimming. Movie picks up in second half only and towards end it's good. Simran and aanadhi is good

VimalRaj S Tweeted
@gvprakash sema movie.. Enjoyed with friends, obviously. It was one hell of a movie with fun fun and fun
#FDFS #TrishaIllanaNayanthara

Deepak Posted
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara Movie Only For Boys Family Audience Stay Away !!! And also girls stay away strictly for boys

The Kollywood Show Posted
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara #TIN - A time passable comedy film for adults. Watchable, Good! Rating 6.5/10

A N Vijay Karthick Tweeted
#TrishaIllanaNayanthara 1st half done.. 1 hr 30 mins. is like 3 hours :/

Sainiranjan Wrote
Perfect movie for Virgin boys @gvprakash in a free flow acting #good#response#audience#happy #TrishaIllanaNayanthara

Niveda Manohar Tweeted
Sexist, Chauvinistic, Offensive. If that was what the director was trying to achieve, then he's hit the bullseye.