Will Trinity Seven get season 2
Will Trinity Seven get season 2Facebook/Trinity Seven

"Trinity Seven" is one of the most popular Animes of all time, and the Season 1 of the series was well-received by fans worldwide. However, almost a year after the finale of Season 1 aired, there is still no official confirmation on a release date for Season 2.

"Trinity Seven" focuses on an average High School boy, Arata Kasuga, who realises that the world as he knows it is an illusion and that the real world that he lived in was destroyed after a Breakdown Phenomenon. The phenomenon also caused his friend and cousin Hijiri Kasuga to be propelled into another dimension. Arata is on a quest to bring his sister back, and save his old world, which was affected very badly by a gravitational explosion.

In his determination to save Hijiri and become a magus, Arata transfers to Royal Biblia Academy, where he meets the "Trinity Seven" – Lilith Asami, Arin Kannazuki, Levi Kazama, Mira Yamana, Akio Fudo, Yuti Kurata and Lieselotte Sherlock.

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These seven girls are almost similar to the Seven Sins, with Lilith representing Lust, Arin representing Anger, and the other girls taking on roles like ninja, Head of Grimoire Security and so on.

Despite a huge demand for the series, Seven Arcs Pictures and TV Tokyo were unable to renew the anime in 2015 because of lack of core material. There weren't enough chapters in the Manga series that could be converted into anime series. Season 1 had already covered chapters one to 30 of the manga, and Season 2 would also require at least that many chapters.

Considering this, the earliest that fans can hope for a Season 2 would be Spring 2016. Do not forget to check back here to see if "Trinity Seven" has been renewed for Season 2.