Amid rising coronavirus cases in Karnataka, a travel advisory has been issued to people travelling from Bengaluru to Mysuru to carry an RT-PCR negative report with them in a bid to curb the spread of the pandemic.

As per the advisory which will come into force on April 10 and be valid till April 20, the district administration in Mysuru appealed to the travellers to comply with the advisory and cooperate to control the spread of the virus. 


The traffic movement from Bengaluru to Mysuru is expected to increase in the coming days due to upcoming holidays and festivals hence an RT-PCR negative report should not be older than 72 hours from the date of travel, as per Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri. 

RT-PCR negative report is mandatory to visit places of tourist interest in Mysuru

However, the RT-PCR negative report is mandatory to visit places of tourist interest in Mysuru though none of these sites will be closed for the public. At least 300 home guards will be deployed to carry out checks. 

The surge in COVID-19 cases in the district is mainly from Mysuru urban and there are fears that the people travelling to their native places during the festival period could end up spreading the virus. As there is no closure or lockdown the onus is on the people to adhere to Covid Appropriate Behaviour and comply with the prevailing guidelines, said Ms Sindhuri as per reports by The Hindu. 

Apart from this, the district administration also made it mandatory to carry RT-PCR negative report at convention and party halls, cinemas, resorts and recreation clubs.

Though the existing guidelines restrict the cinemas to operate at 50 per cent of the capacity, the new guidelines make it mandatory for patrons to carry the RT-PCR negative report and this will be in force from April 10 to 20, said the Deputy Commissioner.

It's utterly a non-sense decision: Netizens react to advisory

As the advisory was shared on social media, netizens reacted to the decision. One said, "Anybody visiting Mysuru from Bengaluru will now have to carry a COVID negative certificate. Is this even practical considering that hundreds travel from Mysuru to Bengaluru and back to work each day?"

Another tweeted, "It's utterly a non-sense decision by Mysore district administration and also for theatre they need to carry COVID negative report."