People travelling from Maharashtra to Karnataka will now have to go undergo 7-days of institutional quarantine (IQ) followed by another 7 days of home quarantine (HQ), tweeted DGP of Karnataka on Sunday.

According to the tweet by the DGP of Karnataka, IPS officer Praveen Sood, passengers travelling from Maharashtra to the state are required to stay under institutional quarantine (IQ) for 7 days in contrast to whole 14 days HQ required for passengers from all other states.

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Not all passengers travelling to the state are required to get the test. Only those with COVID 19 symptoms are mandated to take the test. (Representational image)Livemint

Quarantine rules for passengers from high-risk states

This is in line with the regulations related to passengers coming from high-risks states like Maharashtra and Rajasthan to Karnataka. As per the rules, the passengers from the high risks state would have to stay under 7-days institutional quarantine at a designated hospital on their own cost. They would then have to remain in home quarantine for the next 7 days.

Since Maharashtra has the highest number of coronavirus cases in India with over more than 28,000 of confirmed cases recorded till May 31, special safeguard measure have been taken by the Karnataka government to quarantine passengers travelling from Maharashtra to curb the infection.

For all other people travelling from non-high risk states the rules demand 14 days home quarantine after reaching the state.

Not everyone to undergo COVID 19 swab test at airports/railway stations

DGP Karnataka

Additionally, not all passengers travelling to the state are required to get the test. Only those with COVID 19 symptoms are mandated to take the test.

As the centre has relaxed the curb to revive economic activities across the various sectors and have allowed more business organisations to resume their operations, movements of people and product have increased.

Workers stuck in various parts of the country have started to go back to their native places. Scores of people are making interstate journeys, most of them from high risks states, coming to and from Karnataka. Taking the danger of contraction of infection during transit, the government of Karnataka has put in strong measure to curb the coronavirus.

 Depending on the origin of the state of the person travelling from and his/her stay in Karnataka, the government has created quarantine norms. 

Exemption for pregnant women, senior citizen

Children under the age of 10, pregnant women, terminally ill patients and citizens above the age of 80 years have been exempted from institutional quarantine if their swab test is negative on their arrival in the state.