Is it incredibly hard for you to say goodbye to a book you have just finished reading? Do you mentally hunt for the next book you want to read even when you are just halfway reading the current one? Are you a self proclaimed bookworm? If books are your world and you just can’t put them down, you should plan your next vacation to one of these wonderful places that serve as book shrines all over the world!

• F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum: Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Critically acclaimed writers F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald have quite a few literary accomplishments to their credit. F Scott shot to fame with his legendary ‘The Great Gatsby’ that has already been adapted into a movie. His wife Zelda’s short stories became widely popular among book lovers. The couple’s house that they rented for the purpose of writing, now serves as a museum. It displays their tables, typewriters, letter, paintings, etc.

• The Sherlock Holmes Museum, London, UK

There isn’t one book enthusiast who is not fascinated by Sherlock Holmes. The Arthur Conan Doyle character, in the author’s books lives at 221b Baker Street. You will be surprised to know that the address is actually a museum dedicated to the popular detective. A number of antiques typical to Holmes have been displayed in an impeccable manner. Interestingly enough, waxworks from some of his most famous cases are on display among other items like his pipe, hats, detective gear, etc.

• The Jane Austen Centre, Bath, UK

All Jane Austen fans can go and quench their thirst to get up and close with the life and works of the brilliant author at The Jane Austen Centre. It has on display almost everything that is known of her. To celebrate specific works that the author penned in her lifetime, there is a festival held every summer dedicated only to this. What’s more, the museum has even an extraordinary Regency Tea Room.

• Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tale House, Copenhagen, Denmark

This marvellously designed fairy tale house in Copenhagen exhibits extravagant pictures from some of his widely popular works. The Little Mermaid has been specifically emphasized as it is one of the most loved works by him among many others. The museum also features very rare handwritten manuscripts and artefacts from the writer’s life.

• The Tolstoy House Museum, Moscow, Russia

Leo Tolstoy’s house, turned into a museum, is as real as it is spell binding. It is an evidence for the life he led with his family through 1882 to 1901. He was known to be passionate for gardening. Even now, the garden has been maintained just as he liked it. Authentic manuscripts and original items like his children’s toys have been kept intact. The study at the museum is said to be a must visit.