Adarsh Negi
Adarsh Negi who lost his life in the line of duty during Kathua terror attack on MondayDefence PRO

The Negi family, already reeling from the loss of a 33-year-old Major in the Indian Army, faced another heart-wrenching blow when Adarsh Negi, a 26-year-old soldier, was killed in a terrorist attack on a military convoy in Jammu and Kashmir. The incident occurred on Monday, leaving the family devastated and mourning the loss of two sons within a span of just two months.

Adarsh Negi, a member of the Garhwal Rifles, was one of the five soldiers who attained martyrdom during the attack. The terrorists targeted the convoy in the Machedi area of Kathua district. They first hurled a grenade at the Army vehicles, which were on a routine patrol along the Machedi-Kindli-Malhar road, approximately 150 kilometers from Kathua. Following the explosion, they opened fire, claiming the lives of Adarsh and his fellow soldiers.

Adarsh had joined the Garhwal Rifles in 2018, dedicating himself to serving the nation. His sacrifice leaves behind a grieving family: his father, a farmer; his mother; his brother; and his elder sister. The Negi family's anguish is compounded by the scarcity of employment opportunities in the region. Children from Garhwal and Kumaon who choose to serve their country often return as martyrs, leaving shattered families in their wake.

Balwant Singh Negi, Adarsh's uncle, expressed his grief and frustration, urging the government to take decisive action. "We have lost two sons in just two months," he lamented. "This tragedy underscores the need for stronger measures to protect our soldiers."

Five soldiers of the Army who lost their lives in the line of duty during Kathua encounterDefence PRO

Adarsh Negi's father, Dalbir Singh Negi, recounted their last conversation on Sunday. Adarsh had mentioned that he was having a meal and was about to resume his duty. He had briefly returned to the village to attend a wedding before leaving in March, unaware that it would be their final farewell.

The Negi family's sacrifice serves as a painful reminder of the immense courage and dedication exhibited by our armed forces, even in the face of grave danger. As the nation mourns, we honor the memory of Adarsh Negi and Major Pranay Negi, who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Rifleman Adarsh Negi: A hero's sacrifice in Kathua terror attack

The heart-wrenching news reached Dalbir Singh Negi, father of Rifleman Adarsh Negi, on a fateful Monday evening. The day before, Adarsh had spoken to his father over the phone. But now, another call shattered their lives—informing them of Adarsh's tragic death in a terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir's Kathua.

Adarsh Negi, a 25-year-old farmer's son, was the youngest among three siblings. Driven by a deep sense of duty, he had left his college studies midway to fulfill his dream of serving the country through the army. Sadly, he became one of the five soldiers from Uttarakhand who lost their lives in the recent terrorist attack on an Army convoy in Kathua. This incident marked the fifth terror attack in the Jammu region within a month.

Dalbir Singh Negi shared the pain of losing his son. Adarsh had studied up to class 12 at Government Inter College in Piplidhar before joining Garhwal University for his BSc. However, his commitment to the nation led him to leave his studies and join the Garhwal Rifles.

In a solemn ceremony, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, along with Cabinet ministers Premchand Aggarwal and Ganesh Joshi, paid their respects to the five martyrs. Their mortal remains were brought to the Jolly Grant airport, where a wreath was placed on their coffins.

Chief Minister Dhami expressed the collective grief of Uttarakhand: "Five brave soldiers attained martyrdom during the cowardly terrorist attack in Kathua. Their sacrifice reflects the rich military tradition of our state. We stand united in honoring their supreme sacrifice."

He vowed that the terrorists responsible for this heinous act would not escape justice. "Enemies of humanity will not be spared," he declared. "Those who sheltered them will also face consequences."

In this hour of grief, the entire state stands with the families of these fallen heroes. Their sacrifice will forever echo in the annals of Uttarakhand's history.