Audi India has been restrained by a court order from selling its merchandise under the 'TT' brand name, in response to a plea filed by Delhi-based garment maker TT Limited.

The order effectively bars Audi India from selling TT branded accessories, bags, leather and faux leather goods and toy cars in India.

The July order was issued by the Delhi High Court as an ex parte interim injunction restraining the luxury car maker, which has been given time till November to file its response.

Rikab Chand Jain of TT Limited, in his petition, had alleged that Audi India was violating its internationally known trademark. TT Limited is a manufacturer of garments, threads, yarns and other consumer goods.

The injunction does not restrain Audi from selling its small two-door sports car TT. The company has been selling the car in international markets since 1998.

Rikhab Chand Jain stated, "I'm sure they had no bad intentions, it must have been an honest mistake. But they need to understand that they (and other brands) cannot use the letters TT, either as a suffix or a prefix. They are making leather goods, toys and merchandise out of the TT brand name and that doesn't sit well with us. Our trademark was registered in 1968. We sent a High Court letter to their German and Indian addresses. There has been no response from them till now."

TT Limited has also sought Rs 25 lakh in damages from Audi.