The Surgical Strikes was conducted by India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2016. Till date, the operation remains one of the historically significant achievements of new India (a phrase popularly used by members associated with the present ruling party to refer to the time frame, 2014 onwards- till PM Modi's reign).

However, not much is known about the entire operation which was conducted by India's Special Forces team apart from the (partially) fictional information that we have gained from Aditya Dhar's directorial and Vicky Kaushal starrer Uri: The Surgical Strike and web-series Avrodh: The Siege Within. 


For the uninitiated, the surgical strike took place in 2016. It was a planned operation by the Special Forces team of India where Indian soldiers had successfully planned a mission to attack the terror pads in Pakistan.

The operation took place to avenge the series of attack which were done on the soldiers of India, particularly after the brutal Uri attacks. India was congratulated nationally and internationally for carrying out an operation without leaving any casualties. 

Here's how it works

In a bid to honour and promote their OTT project, the team of Sony Liv's Avrodh, and Google Maps has opened a new option which will allow viewers a digitally interactive walkthrough to the entire operation, along with the footages of Avirodh.

When you use the hashtag #TrackTheSurgicalStrike on Google Maps from any part of the world or India, you can witness the strategy that went behind this entire operation. Viewers can also click on the thumbnail and watch the momentous surgical strike in action. 

However, if you individually use the hashtag on Google Maps, you will not get the results. 

Google Maps

The team of Avrodh: The Siege Within and Google Maps have collaborated on a special digital venture. Click here for the experience. 


The events and the footages have been chronologically arranged along with links to geographical footages. When you click on the respective thumbnails, more details of the events get chronologically explained on the left side of the screen.