Tork T6X
Tork T6XTork Motorcycles

Tork Motorcycles, a Pune-based electric bike start-up is all set to launch India's first fully electric motorcycle by this Diwali. Designed in Pune, Tork T6X will be the first e-motorcycle to be manufactured and sold in the country.

Tork Motorcycles claims the T6X will have IP over Battery management system, control systems, motor tuning, drive train and overall product integration. The motorcycle is expected to come with a maximum range of over 100km on a single charge. It will also have a top speed limited to 85kmph. The Li-ion battery can reach 80 percent charge in one hour when plugged into a 15A source. A full charge can be done in two hours. The motorcycle will boast of regenerative braking that charges the bike's batteries while braking. It will run on specially made Ceat tyres.

A report in Autocar India claims the motorcycle will get a display with navigation and a MirrorLink-like interface that will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The motorcycle will pitted against the 125cc motorcycle in the market. However, it will be priced slightly higher than the competitors. Reports say two charging stations have already been installed in Pune. This will be increased to 100 charging points in Pune at the time of launch. The company plans similar strategy for other cities as well.