As humans are busy searching for extraterrestrial life in deep space, a top theoretical physicist from Russia has sensationally predicted that extraterrestrial life will be once wiped out by human interference.

Alexander Berezin, who works at Russia's National University of Electronic Technology, reveals that Darwin's concept of 'survival of the fittest' will be soon taken to outer space, and there, humans will lock horns with aliens to expand our civilization.

A solution to Fermi paradox

In the search for alien life, Fermi's paradox is the dilemma faced by experts. Fermi's paradox asks the question that if the universe is too vast and expanding quickly, then why have aliens never contacted humans. In his study report published in the ArXiv digital archive, Berezin argues that he has found the solution to Fermi's paradox.

As per Berezin, humans have not made the first contact with extraterrestrials because aliens are not that evolved enough in terms of intelligence when compared to humans. The theoretical physicist argues that the less technological advancement of aliens might be the reason behind the lack of contact.

The natural process of survival

In nature, the driving element for life is 'survival of the fittest', and it will soon become applicable in outer space also. As humans are more advanced than aliens, they may even have to kill the extraterrestrials to expand their civilization. However, the Russian expert makes it clear that humans will not be killing aliens out of anger or grudge, but as part of the natural process of selection, which falls in the line with Darwin's theory of 'survival of the fittest.'

"They simply will not realize, in the same way, that a construction team demolishes an anthill to build a property because it has no incentives to protect it. The only explanation is the invocation of the anthropic principle, we are the first to reach the interstellar stage and, most likely, we will be the last to leave," said Brezin.

The advanced force wins

Legendary physicist Stephen Hawking had predicted that if aliens are the first to reach out to humans, then the entire civilization on earth will be demolished. As per Hawking, if aliens succeed in spotting humans, they will be much advanced than us, and they can easily wipe us out from the planet. Similarly, if we are the first to spot alien life, it indicates we are the more advanced than extraterrestrials, and we may kill these beings to expand our civilization.