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A still from 1986 release Top GunReuters

Late last year, Tom Cruise confirmed that the 1986 blockbuster will return with a mind-blowing sequel with the actor reprising the iconic Maverick role. The Mission: Impossible 6 star also revealed that the movie's title confirming that Top Gun 2 will adopt the lead character's name in the title. The sequel will be called, Top Gun: Maverick.

Following the announcement, no other official announcements regarding the movie's cast or plot were shared thereafter as the actor got involved in wrapping up MI6. With no more official word available, a report by Star claims that Cruise has approached John Travolta's wife Kelly Preston to co-star in the movie. Fans would remember that Preston was Cruise's co-star in Jerry Maguire.

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Bizarrely, the news report associates his request to the actress who is associated with Scientology. A source allegedly claims, "Tom thinks she's super talented, not to mention sexy" and wants her in the movie. But Travolta is apparently opposing Cruise's offer because the former resents the fellow Scientologist.

"John's always been jealous of the church giving Tom top billing. Tom already gets whatever he wants, but John draws the line at his wife," the insider said.

Oscars 2015
Actor John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston arrive at the 87th Academy Awards in HollywoodReuters

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop claims otherwise. The site reports that there is no tension between the two actors. The website also clarifies that Cruise hasn't even approached Preston about a role in the July 2019 release.

While fans wait to watch things unfold, Justin Marks teased the plot of the sequel. The screenwriter, who has penned down the early draft of Maverick, recently told Slash, hinting towards a love angle in the movie.

"Without getting into details, that was something that was important to everyone to avoid, to find something new," Marks said. "I think [Producer] Jerry [Bruckheimer] would kill me if I told any specific details."

He added, "Here's what I can say about what I brought to it. I know I want it to be a story about Maverick where we get to see Maverick being Maverick in the way we want him to be. I feel like times have changed in 30 years but the desire for that kind of hero still remains the same. That doesn't mean he's a perfect character. That's the fun of it."