Adventure sports
An adrenaline junkie enjoys a bungee jump.Reuters

The idea of luxury travel and sightseeing seem to be turning obsolete with the youngsters showing an active interest in adventure activities and offbeat travel. The feeling of adrenalin rush and taking a break from the usual is exhilarating. A large number of tourists are now opting for adventure travel, giving the industry in India a much-needed boost. Over the last few years, it has grown manifolds and is expected to expand at a faster pace.

If you are one of the youngsters who is still planning their first adventure, we have got a list for you to choose from:

Bungee Jumping

Isn't it amazing to see someone jumping from a height into the valley? Now imagine yourself as the person going for a free fall from a height of more than 80 meters; scary? But, it is equally thrilling and adventurous. If this excites you, pack your bags and leave for Rishikesh. If you are visiting the city, maybe you can also try flying fox and giant swing.


India is one of the very few countries in the world which has been blessed with huge mountain range and that too the most popular – Himalayas. The trekking opportunities in Himalayan region are innumerable and this is what attracts adventurers from all over the world. For an Indian, this is one sport which has become insanely popular over the last few years.

Scuba Diving

Talk about diversity and India will beat any other country in this field. The geographical diversity comes with its own set of advantages. Especially for the adventure seekers, it only means many more interesting activities to try. One such amazing opportunity is to try scuba diving. You can try it near Mumbai or Pune and for an even better experience, visit the Andaman Islands.


From Ocean, we are now moving towards the rivers. India is also blessed with many beautiful rivers and the adventurers know how to make the best of it. So, go to any of your favourite rafting destinations and enjoy this extreme water sport.

These are some of the adventure sports you can try in India. If you have more suggestions, tell us by commenting below.