Top 5 fever fighting tips
Top 5 fever fighting tipsReuters

Fever is one of the most common ailments people suffer from and becomes a cause of concern when the temperature doesn't go down for a long time. Loss of appetite, weakness, sweating, etc., are common symptoms experienced during sickness. There are a few things to do in order to feel more relieved and relaxed when down with high temperature and that includes consuming the right kind of diet.

Here are some foods and beverages that can be consumed during fever in order to provide the body with the required nutrition. 

1. Soups

Soups are really comforting during fever. They are easy to digest and are filling as well, depending on the ingredients they consist of. Home made soups are healthier and more beneficial as they are likely to be more nutritious compared to the ready-made soups. Soups are easy to digest and hot broths or soups aid in curing throat inflammation. Make sure you don't have creamy soups during fever as they are difficult for the body to digest. Chicken soups are considered to be more healthy during fever. Make sure you consume only hot soups during fever in order to get rid of other ailments like cough, sore throat, blocked nose etc.

2. Fresh juices

Consuming crushed mint leaves mixed with water and some lime juice can help in easing vomiting. Similarly, having citrus fruit juices such as orange juice also helps in boosting immunity and healing faster. Apricot juice is said to have a cooling effect on the body and eases the digestive system by flushing out toxins. This in turn aids in curbing fever, while also providing nutrients that boost immunity.

3. Water

Drinking a lot of water helps in keeping the body cool. The heat generated in the body depletes the hydration level and hence the body needs fluids. Just consume water, which is not too cold or too hot and  keep the body hydrated while keeping it cool. Make sure you don't consume cold water as it may lead to a sore throat. 

4. Boiled vegetables

Keep the diet simple when you are suffering from fever and include all sorts of vegetables like carrots, beans, peas, etc. in your diet. This will provide the body with the required nutrients while keeping you full. It is easier to digest boiled veggies when compared to food which is heavy, spicy and oily.

Avoid milk and other dairy items as they are difficult to digest. It's also said that milk products tend to curdle in the stomach, which leads to vomiting tendencies.

Switch to lighter food and fluids, which will provide you with sufficient amount of energy without getting your digestive system worked up.

Make sure to consume foods and beverages that are easy to digest. Herbs such as basil leaves, watery pulses, juices of vegetables are beneficial and help in improving the immunity and in curing the fever faster.