Top 5 Must-Play Zombie Video Games of 2013
Top 5 Must-Play Zombie Video Games of 2013 (EA)

People have shown a keen obsession towards zombie-based things ever since "Night of the Living Dead" (1968) entered pop culture. The genre evolved several novels, comics, movies, TV shows and finally video games.

Players have always been looking forward for some zombie mayhem on their video game consoles or PCs. There are several types of zombies portrayed in the games; some are slow, the others are fast and more aggressive, while some others are responsive to sound and smell.  

Here is a list of zombie video games that players need to try out:

1. The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Telltale Games developed a video game that is based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic book series. It has changed the perception on zombie video games, though it was released as a DLC, introducing five new characters to the game, and told in a non-linear style where the player can choose to approach the story in any way they want. The game's main focus is the story telling and is a follow-up to the original. It has a story that is very emotional and players will be absorbed into the interactions between characters and their surroundings with timed responses that will have an impact on the story. Players will be able to switch between the given characters at any moment in the game.

Top 5 Must-Play Zombie Video Games of 2013
The Walking Dead: 400 Days is one of the games in the must-play zombie games of 2013. (Telltalegames Blog)

2. The Last of Us

This product of developer Naughty Dog won a lot of critical acclaim. It had the biggest game launch after GTA 5 in 2013. Players take control of character Joel who has to take care of Ellie as they have to reach the safe zones for humans in a post-apocalyptic setting where humans steal from other humans and fight against other humans and also fight against places infested with 'infected people', who are basically zombies. The game has one of the best stories, voice acting and character development. Players are given very limited resources and have to work their way to survive. This is certainly a must-play video game. It is a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Top 5 Must-Play Zombie Video Games of 2013
The Last of Us has won critical acclaim for its story telling style. (

3. Dead Rising 3

The game, developed by Capcom Vancouver exclusively for Xbox One, brings in a new character - Nick Ramos - and is set in a zombie-infested setting of the fictional city of Los Perdidos, California. The game improves on the crafting system existent on its predecessors. A player will face numerous zombies who have to be countered in an intelligent way. Players can combine two or more tools/items and make it a powerful weapon. The game also uses Kinect and SmartGlass functionality, given zombies situational awareness and triggering their response. This game has multiple endings, based on the decisions the player makes in-game.

Top 5 Must-Play Zombie Video Games of 2013
Dead Rising 3 is a Xbox One exclusive. (

4. DayZ

Bohemia Interactive's MMORPG tile for PC DayZ is recipient of several awards and challenges the player to stay alive during the zombie apocalypse. The players have to scavenge for food, medicine, weaponry and vehicles to survive. Importance is given to finding melee weapons. It's not just the zombies that will kill players but also diseases from water and food requiring players to search for medicines. Once an area is cleared from zombies, there will not be any respawning, however, some zombies might wander into the area after a time. The game is in alpha testing mode and more features are being reportedly added to the game.

Top 5 Must-Play Zombie Video Games of 2013
DayZ is a MMORPG game. (Facebook)

5. Dead Island: Riptide

Techland developed Dead Island: Riptide for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This is a sequel to its 2011's Dead Island where five players arrive after a shipwreck at an archipelago that is full of zombies. The game features newer characters, vehicles, weather conditions and defence mechanisms. The game has different types of zombies, and weapons to take them out. Riptide had created controversy for including a statuette of a dismembered bikini clad woman. Players will also get to see a lot of gore and dismembering zombies in the game.  

Top 5 Must-Play Zombie Video Games of 2013
Dead Island: Riptide is a story about the survival of five people who were shipwrecked.(