Here are the top 10 travel destinations for the year of 2014


A worker rappels from the Cristo Redentor statue at the Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Reuters


Travel guides publisher Lonely Planet has named the host of 2014 FIFA World Cup - Brazil - as the top tourist destination for 2014. As per the tourism ministry in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are two of the most visited destinations in the country.

This country is the belle of the ball with the FIFA World Cup followed by the 2016 Summer Olympics two years later, dodging the recession.


Lonely Planet has rated Denmark as the best tourist destination to visit with one's family as it is built for kids, especially the Legoland amusement park. "Copenhagen is home to Tivoli, a fairy tale of a central amusement park that dates to 1843. There is lots of free music, nightly fireworks and surprisingly good food," states the travel guide. 

As per the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) more than 8.7 million people visited the country in 2010.


Be it dirt cheap Jersey Shore or yahooing cowboy country of Texas, there's something about the US that makes you feel as though real life has morphed into cinematography. Do not forget the New York City and its big yellow taxis or iconic buildings. According to the World Bank statistics, the US has been the second most visited country by foreign tourists with Times Square in Manhattan, New York City  attracting 35 million visitors yearly.


"The chaos, colour and brilliance of India make it a thrilling choice for family travel," states Lonely Planet.

There are two excellent reasons to plan the next trip to 'Incredible India'.  Firstly, the fall of the rupee against dollar that could give you the best travel value. Secondly, India is a hub to all the ingredients for a special trip with elephants, palaces, castles, trains, beaches, jungles and wildlife parks and nature.

The travel guide has anointed the state of Sikkim as the best region in the world to travel to in 2014, while Kerela is the tourist destination to help keep everyone in the family happy.


This South American country has reportedly boosted its 2014 advertising budget by 73 percent in an attempt to divert the attention from its rival Brazil. There are several shopping package deals coming up that combine airfare, lodging, meals and excursions.

The travel website, Travelzoo, has Equador among the top five 'Wow Deal Destinations', which is certain to offer values beyond an ordinary trip.


Scotland is among the top three destinations to visit around the world in 2014 with Glasgow hosting the XX Commonwealth Games next year in summer.

The country's National Tourism Organisation has given a multi-million-pound facelift to Glasgow for the Games with new sports venues, improved transport links.

The Scotland government will also be observing the 'Year of Homecoming' to welcome the Scottish diaspora back to the country by celebrating its heritage, food and drink.


Leaving Melbourne and Sydney behind, Adelaide has been named as one of the world's top 10 cities to visit in 2014 for being transformed into the perfect host city. Even the Kimberley has been spotted as one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world with its giant gorges and scenic coast roads.


With its food, culture and scary urban legends, Sweden is among the top 10 countries for an eventful year. This Nordic country is home to a number of World Heritage Sites.

"Thanks to the late Swedish author Stieg Larsson, most people have a sense of what Sweden's like, even in the far north - cold, beautiful and a bit scary," says Lonely Planet.

With its fresh pop-culture persona, northern city of Umeå is the European Capital of Culture for 2014.


The culture capital of Riga is among the top 10 cities best for travelling in 2014. "Today, with two decades of freedom (and a renewed status as Latvia's capital) under its belt, the city is reclaiming its rightful title as the cosmopolitan cornerstone of the Baltic," as stated by travel guide Lonely Planet.

Under the Soviet Union, the city of Riga was smothered into obscurity, however, since past few years, 'hipster-chic cafes have spread like wildfire'.


Japan's Hokuriku, on Honshū's west coast, is among the top destinations that would inspire the traveler through its cultural riches and captivate with its natural beauty.

"Bordered by the Sea of Japan and the magnificent Japan Alps, Hokuriku is saturated with culture, history and striking natural beauty," says Lonely Planet.

The travel guide also crowns the city of Kanazawa as the 'king' of scenic beauty on the east coast of the country,