Smartphone manufacturers feature higher capacity batteries to the smartphones and tablets, but we still run out of battery sometimes.

Of course smartphones, powered with better battery, gives more battery life; but there is always a possibility of improving battery life by up to 30 percent. No, we are not recommending installing any third-party app, because most of them don't actually stand up to their claims.

Here are 10 simple tricks that will surely improve your phone's battery life by up to 30 percent, irrespective of the model or manufacturer:

  • Background apps
    Background apps - Keeping too many apps at a time not only consumes a large chunk of the system memory, but also wastes a lot of battery life. Always close the unused apps to boost your battery life. Just tap on the menu button and slide up/down the icons/windows.Anirban Roy
  • Screen Timeout Tweaks
    Screen Timeout Tweaks - If you spend most of your time in similar lighting condition, turn off the auto brightness feature of your phone and tone down the brightness level. Also, turn off the colour enhancer engines like Sony Bravia Engine, ClearMotion, etc. to improve the battery life.Anirban Roy
  • WiFi/ Bluetooth & GPS
    WiFi/ Bluetooth & GPS - Turn off the connections which are not being used. For example, while at home, turn off GPS; turn off WiFi when there is no active connection available. Switch off the Bluetooth radio if not in use, it eats up a huge amount of battery life and also leaves your device unprotected.Anirban Roy
  • Account Sync
    Account Sync - Check the Account syncing interval on your system and turn off the features not in use. Increasing the check interval also boosts up your battery life significantly. If you're not using Picasa, Google Plus, Facebook, Linkedin or mail service in a particular period, keep the syncing off.Anirban Roy
  • 3D heavy applications/ games
    3D heavy applications/ games - Like long video sessions, playing 3D and graphic heavy games also consumes too much of battery life. If you are running out of battery and not in a state to charge it, stop playing games or watching high resolution videos.Asphalt
  • Airplane mode
    Airplane mode - Turn off all your connectivity off while you're not using your device. Turning off your device off for few minutes or hour can save huge battery life and also closes down all inactive apps.Anirban Roy
  • Software update
    Software update - Google improves battery life and performance with each upgrades, so a Kitkat-based smartphone automatically consumes less battery than a Gingerbread or Jellybean phone. So keep checking after every few days if you have got any system update. Keep all of installed apps up-to-date for similar reason.Anirban Roy
  • Auto Lock
    Auto Lock - Decrease the sleep time interval of your device. Keep the screen off while not in use, also prefer a patterned lock or biometric lock (if available) over slide lock, they have less probability of turning on your display unintentionally.Anirban Roy
  • Battery Pack
    Battery Pack - Battery Pack or Power bank are utility accessories and they can charge multiple devices in a single charge. Thankfully, they are available for cheap now. Several accessories like JBL Charge Bluetooth speaker now doubles up as a power bank along with playing music.JBL
  • Battery Case or Hot Swap
    Battery Case or Hot Swap - Several 3rd party Smartphone accessory manufacturers release battery cases for selected smartphone models. They stick to the back of the device and double your battery. If your phone features interchangeable battery, buy a spare one and change when needed.Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Pack