Smart home refridgerator by LG at the IFA Electronics show
An assistant presents a smart home refridgerator by LG at the IFA Electronics show in Berlin, Germany September 2, 2016.REUTERS/Stefanie Loos

If there is one place in this world that needs to be cool and secure, it has to be your smart home. With so many simple, as well as sophisticated gadgets available on the market, it is not difficult to transform a house into a smart home. All that is needed is planning, a budget that can be spent on smart devices, and knowing how to choose the right smart home gadget.

We sift through the long line of devices that can make your house a smart home, and pick the ones that are  best value for money. So, here are the Top 10 gadgets for your smart home:

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1) Z-Wave wireless sensor: This gadget is perfect for maintaining safety; it monitors the doors and windows and sends out an alarm via text message and e-mail if any suspicious and intrusive activities are detected. Members of the household can monitor their home with the help of smartphone apps and ensure that all doors and windows are closed.

2) Robot vacuum cleaner: You can clean your house, even if you are not at home, if you have a robot vacuum cleaner. It is so efficient that it can empty its own dust bin, has different modes to be used on different floors and even a pre-set for cleaning.

3) Wireless speakers: Everybody loves music, and life without it is incomplete. Wi-Fi home speakers let you listen to your favourite music without moving from the comfort of your seat. Song choices can be selected via a mobile phone app.

4) Wireless LED light bulbs: A smart lighting system can change the whole experience of living in a house, as the conventional on/off wall switch is not needed. One can control lighting and even schedule when to put the lights on or off, via a mobile app.

5) Motion Sensor PowerStrip: The gadget monitors movement in the surrounding areas and power is automatically turned off in up to four outlets if there is no human movement for half-an-hour. Interestingly, select equipment like a router can be kept on power-on mode, all the time.

6) Smart refrigerator: A refrigerator with a Wi-Fi LCD screen can enhance one's lifestyle. The touchscreen can be connected to with a mobile app, to help maintain an inventory of perishable food items.

7) Dish cleaner: This technology uses ultrasonic waves to clean dishes and convert food waste on plates to reusable compost for planting. Smart dish-cleaners are eco-friendly, portable and use solar energy to recharge the battery.

8) Air purifier: There are gadgets that purify air and control humidity in the room. It enhances air quality by removing bad odours in the room, it is also energy-efficient and portable.

9) Bediator: This gadget provides the ideal room temperature in winter. It can also be converted into a bed.

10) Robotic alarm: There are chances people will go back to sleep again after turning an alarm clock off, but one can't outsmart the robotic alarm, as it moves away and hides while beeping until you get off your bed.