Rajendra Prasad in Tommy
Rajendra Prasad in TommyTwitter

Rajendra Prasad's Telugu movie "Tommy" has hit the marquee on 13 March and received mixed reviews and average ratings from the film critics.

"Tommy" is a remake Hollywood movie "Hachiko", which was inspired by the real-life story of a canine that lived in Germany between 1925 and 1935. Director Raja Vannem Reddy adapted the same story to Telugu with some changes to suit the taste of the local audience. Rajendra Prasad has played the protagonist, while Seetha and LB Sri Ram appeared in important roles.

Satyam Master is a professor in Bheemavaram. One day he finds a dog in the railway station, while he is on his way back home. Along with his wife, he decides to adopt it and they get attached to it within no time. But an untoward incident changes the entire family's life upside down. What is that incident? One should watch the film to answer to the question.

"Tommy" has brilliant performances and rich production elements. The movie has very interesting story, say the film critics. But its old-fashioned narration has not gone well with the critics, who have rated it an average of two out of five stars and described it as a one-time watch.

Read the verdict below:

India Glitz Ratings: 1

While watching Raja Vannam Reddy's "Tommy", one is taken aback by the sheer lack of cinematic expression. To say that it feels like a vacuous documentary would be an understatement. Blissfully short, it falls short of a plot. If at times the film barely rises above the banal, at other times, it borders on the parody. At times, the narration feels like a B-grade commercial ad. At others, the sheer lack of substance in dialogues lets us down.

123 Telugu Ratings: 2.75

"Tommy" has an interesting premise and beautiful content. First half of the film is decent and holds the viewers attention. But it is the second half which misses out on the emotions and makes this film just an ok watch. Children and animal lovers may like it.

I Luv Cinema Rating: 2.75

"Tommy" has a good subject but failed to execute properly in the second half. The movie will impress the animal lovers... Especially children will like this film.