90's kids have grown up watching the famous Tom and Jerry cartoon. And now after almost thirty years, the favorite frenemies – Tom the cat and Jerry, the mouse -- will hit the theatres once again with their action-packed comic fights.

Tom and Jerry

The trailer of the much-awaited Tom and Jerry movie is finally out

Warner Bros. has unveiled a two-minute first look of its first Tom and Jerry movie in nearly three decades, which finds the iconic duo in real-world New York. Tom and Jerry are still animated, but everything else is live-action.

What's new in 2020's Trailer of iconic Tom and Jerry

The trailer of the Tom and Jerry film begins with Bruno Mars' 'Count On Me' song playing in the background and the narrator saying that Tom and Jerry are planning to "start over in a big city". Throughout the 2.24-minute-long trailer of the live-action movie, one can see glimpses of their "cat and mouse chase" unfolding this time in New York City.

An Indian wedding is about to take place at a prestigious New York hotel — Michael Peña's character tells us the hotel has hosted "four presidents, three popes, two kings", where Chloë Grace Moretz's event planner Kayla applies for a job. At her interview, Rob Delaney's hotel manager DuBros tells her that they have a "mouse problem" and Kayla promises to catch it. 

Tom and Jerry movie trailer: The original frenemies return does it take it to make us nostalgic?

The rest of the Tom & Jerry trailer is made up of Jerry playing all sorts of pranks on Tom, evading on the streets of New York with the help of a drone — Jerry has arrived in the 21st century — and causing a general ruckus at the wedding. The Tom & Jerry trailer song is Lizzo's 2019 retro-inspired funk-pop track "Juice".

The Tom & Jerry trailer sets up the film's premise and gives us a lot of Jerry's antics at the expense of Tom, which is what audiences are here for after all.

The official Twitter handle of the Tom and Jerry movie shared the trailer on November 17 with a caption that read: "Tom and Jerry take their cat-and-mouse game to the big screen. Watch the trailer for the new #TomAndJerryMovie now coming to theatres 2021."

Tom and Jerry movie trailer is out, and this is what fans have to say.

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Release date:

The film stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Michael Pena, Rob Delaney, Colin Jost, and Ken Jeong. The Tim Story directorial is scheduled for a theatrical release in 2021.