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Spider-Man will no longer be associated with Marvel Cinematic Universe as Marvel Studios has pulled out of producing future Spider-Man movies.

The major issue here is about the money as Disney has reportedly asked Sony that the future Spider-Man movie will be mutually produced by Disney and Sony, instead of the ongoing deal that states to give Disney five per cent of gross box-office revenue.

So, what does it mean for Spider-Man and MCU fans? Well, in simple words there are no chances that we will ever be going to see a crossover happening between characters like Iron Man, Thor, Nick Fury in future Spider-Man movies. Spider-Man: Far From Home has now become the last movie where we saw Peter Parker conversing with characters like Happy and Fury.

In addition to this, since Spider-Man is no longer associated with Marvel Cinematic Universe, then the chances of him appearing in any future Avengers movie have become zero.

Following the report, fans of both Spider-Man and MCU poured their hearts over the sudden development. Several fans have openly claimed that without Spider-Man, MCU is going to lose the innocence of all the characters. While others pointed that by not dealing with Marvel, Sony has just lost their biggest partner.

Check out a couple of such tweets from heartbroken fans:

It should be noted that right after the news surfaced, Sony's stock price saw a sudden dipped by upwards of -0.060 for a price of $55.66, via

Everyone is now wondering what is going to happen to the upcoming Spider-Man movies featuring Tom Holland? Well, there are at least two more Spider-Man movies that will feature Holland as Peter Parker that are going to be directed by Jon Watts.

Having said that, Sony has some big plans for the Spider-Man movie franchise as well. For starters, we are going to see a crossover movie featuring both Spider-Man and Venom, which will be directed by Andy Serkis. Following which, we are going to see Jared Leto starrer Morbius the Living Vampire, and several others. However, it is not yet confirmed whether Tom Holland will be a part of them or some actor will replace him.