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Summer releases are here. The release of Guardians of the Galaxy has set off the avalanche. Meanwhile, the makers of upcoming movies are teasing fans with new trailers and TV spots in a bid to build up the buzz.

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The recently concluded MTV TV & Movie Awards gave fans a good look at what is coming down the pike. From DC's Wonder Woman featuring Gal Gadot, to Stephen King's horror book adaptation It and the fifth edition of the sci-fi movie Transformers, titled The Last Knight, and Tom Holland's Marvel-Sony Pictures' Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sunday night offered an eyeful for the movie lovers.

Apart from these, a number of new trailers of upcoming movies were also released during the week gone by. Christopher Nolan presented the second trailer of Tom Hardy – Harry Styles starrer Dunkirk. Based on the Dunkirk evacuation that took place during the World War II (in the year 1940), the film attempts to bring the real life instances to the big screen.

Another World War II movie, titled Churchill, is set to release in June. Brian Cox will play British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the movie.

The Dark Tower
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Stephen King's two best creations are being adapted into movies: The Dark Tower and It. The trailers of both movies have hit the cyberspace. While fans already got a preview of It a few weeks ago, The Dark Tower trailer made its way to the internet last week. The movie has Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in main roles.

The trailer of FX's Legion and Beauty and the Beast star Dan Stevens' Kill Switch was also released last week. The apocalyptic sci-fi film is based on a short film that went viral a few years ago.

The makers of Rough Night, starring Scarlett Johansson, also rolled out the second trailer for the movie during the MTV Awards.

In the Television world, House of Cards announced its arrival in a new trailer while Marvel confirmed The Defenders' premiere date in another trailer.

Here are all the new trailers released this week:

It: September 8

Wonder Woman: June 2

 Transformers: The Last Knight: June 23


Spider-Man: Homecoming: July 7

Rough Night: June 16

Dunkirk: July 21

The Dark Tower: August 4

Kill Switch: June 16

 Churchill: June 2

It Comes at Night: June 9

TV Land:

Marvel's The Defenders: August 18

House of Cards season 5: May 30

Sense8 season 2: