Marvel Cinematic Universe has produced some of the most successful and talked about movies in recent years. From movies like Iron Man and Captain America: Civil War to Avengers: Endgame, MCU has created a world for all comic book lovers.

The world of Marvel characters was materialized on the big screen by some amazing actors and actresses. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and others got into the skin of these superheroes so perfectly that it would take decades for someone to replace them.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprioTwitter

That being said, there are several other noted stars from the film industry who got the opportunity to helm the superhero world but were replaced due to some shocking reasons.

Jensen Ackles as Captain America:

Believe it or not, there were initial reports of casting Jensen Ackles as Steve Rogers aka Captain America but Marvel Studios then decided to cast Chris Evans as he fitted for the role. The Supernatural star was later offered the role of Hawkeye, which reportedly he turned down for undisclosed reasons.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Spider-Man:

Yes, you read it right. The role of Peter Parker was first offered to Academy Award-winning star Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the star himself declined the role. As per previous reports, DiCaprio thought he wasn't into playing that role.

Marvel Studios then went to his childhood friend and Tobey Maguire, who was later cast in Spider-Man movie.

One can just imagine how MCU would have turned out if there was Leonardo DiCaprio in it.

"Not very close, but there was a screenplay. I know he was semi-serious about doing it at some point, but I don't remember any further talks about it. We had a couple of chats. I think there was a screenplay that I read, but I don't remember. This was 20 years ago!" DiCaprio once stated while talking about the possibilities of starring as Peter Parker in MCU.

Jason Momoa as Drax:

We all love Dave Bautista as Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy movie series but the role was first offered to Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa.

However, after starring as Khal in HBO's Game of Thrones, he didn't wish to play the role of a bad-guy. Momoa later joined the DC Comics universe and currently plays the role of Aquaman.

Joaquin Phoenix as Dr. Strange:

Benedict Cumberbatch plays an amazing Doctor Strange in MCU. But the role was first offered to another brilliant actor — Joaquin Phoenix. Her movie star, however, declined the role.

Playing the role of a wizard in a franchise required long-term commitment and publicity and as many of Phoenix's fans know this for a fact that the one thing that he disdains is entourage and paparazzi.

tom cruise
tom cruise

Tom Cruise as Iron Man:

Mission: Impossible movie series star was apparently the very first choice to play the role of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. The billionaire playboy scientist who went on to become one of the most loved characters in the superhero world.

There were reports that the reason why Tom Cruise turned down the role was that he reportedly did not wish the suit to cover his face. The rumors about Tom Cruise being considered for Iron Man stopped when the star himself stated that he "love Robert Downey Jr. I can't imagine anyone else in that role, and I think it's perfect for him," via ComicBook.