Sex worker
A sex worker waits for a client.VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images

Indian-orgin couple Kishan Modugumudi and wife Chandrakala Purnima have constantly made news since the Tollywood sex racket was uncovered. The two were arrested in Washington on April 28 and the federal agents of Homeland Security Investigations have filed a 42-page criminal complaint against them.

Several details of the racket have constantly been trickling in and the latest one is a conversation between Purnima and a client and the duo trying to negotiate the amount.

"I am not rich. I cant afford thousands of dollars. Something reasonable," the client said in a text message, as per the affidavit, reported the Indian Express.

To this Chandrakala replied: "What is your budget?" The client then texted back: "Same last time rate. I did 2 times with tall girl south Indian you came to drop her at comfort inn." Chandrakala then strikes the deal: "3 hrs 2 times $2,500."

The conversation and several other things are a part of the affidavit as proof against Modugumudi and Purnima. Sickening details have emerged in the last few days, and it has been said that the couple even kept a detailed ledger with the names and addresses of the actresses who were in touch with them and all the sexual acts they indulged in.

The duo is said to have invited several young actresses to the US on the pretext of film events and instead pushed them into sex work.

Law enforcement officials also said that the duo often used fake letterheads of various Telugu associations in the US to invite these actresses to the country.

The affidavit said that one of the victims had received an invite from the Telugu Association of Southern California (TASC) last year. However, TASC denied sending any letter to the actress. The officials also probed the North America Telugu Society (NATS) and they too said that they hadn't invited any actress and there was no conference in Illinois in 2017. The officials also found letterheads of the American Telugu Association.

Meanwhile back home, Insiders in the film industry have reportedly been discussing two actresses and how they seem to have suddenly got a large amount of money. These actresses have reportedly worked in a few films and did not do too well for themselves.

Their suspicions grew when one of these actresses returned from a trip to the US and then spoke about exchanging US currency worth Rs 14 lakh.

Speaking about how industry-insiders thought that these actresses had fallen into the trap, Shivaji Raja, senior actor-comedian and president of Movie Artists Association (MAA), told Indian Express: "When someone who has had no luck in the industry for a year or two suddenly returns from the US and wants to convert a large amount of dollars, people start wondering about the source of the money."

He went on to add that he clearly remembers the "Rs 14 lakh incident."

"Where did the money come from? Was she into real estate business in the US? Did she get roles in films there?.... No. This involves a few actresses who have fallen on hard times as they are not getting work," Raja added. He also explained that the actresses had probably gotten used to a life of luxury and needed money to maintain it.