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Tollywood director Rajasimha Tadinada has opened up on the rumours about his suicide attempt and said that he fell unconscious due to a diabetes-related issue. He is fine now and will return to Hyderabad.

The rumours about Rajasimha Tadinada's suicide attempt had started doing rounds on media on Thursday afternoon. It was reported that he was on a vacation in Mumbai and was found unconscious in his hotel room. It was reported that he had consumed a high dose of sleeping pills. He was in depression as he was not getting film offers for more than a year.

After recovery, Rajasimha Tadinada tried to reach out to media with a clarification through a video message. PRO Vamsi Shekar released the video and tweeted, "Director #Rajasimha issues a clarification on the reports of making suicide attempt. He is fine and will be coming to Hyderabad in couple of days."

In the video, Rajasimha is seen saying, "I am in Mumbai and doing fine. I am a diabetic patient and I faced some health issue last night. I fell unconscious after sugar values went down. Since none was around me, it led to anxiety. Now I am fine now. I thank you for your concern towards me. I will return to Hyderabad soon and meet you all."

Reports also suggest that he is also part of scripting for Boyapati Seenu – Ram Charan's film for Bellamkonda Srinivas' Sakshyam and Nikhil's Mudra. After a gap of two years, he is also set for his second directorial venture rolling with producer Anil Sunkara.