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"Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 has officially been confirmed by FUNimation and fans are hoping to see the anime return by mid-2016. Most fans were disappointed with the root A episodes, but that did not dampen their demand for a new season.

However, quite a few fans had even suggested that when the anime gets renewed for Season 3, FUNimation should focus on rebooting the show rather than continuing with the Season 2 storyline. In a poll that International Business Times conducted last month, 272 fans of the 1728 that voted said they want to see the show getting a reboot in the upcoming season.

However, an overwhelming majority (723) said they want to see root B episodes. This is an interesting feedback, considering many fans on social media vehemently expressed their desire for a new storyline that would do justice to the manga.

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It is to be noted that 671 of the voters had claimed that they would continue to keep watching "Tokyo Ghoul" regardless of whether FUNimation chooses the path of reboot of root B for Season 3. It had looked like these fans along with those who wanted continuing the story would be happy, come Season 3, but now, Christian Today has suggested that Studio Pierrot may be going ahead with the reboot.

Meanwhile, Anime Maru, a trusted source for anime-related news, had reported that they have had an exclusive look into the first episode of Season 3, and that it shows Touka Kirishima contemplating about the university she wants to study in. Her only reason to Kamii University is to be with Kaneki, they say, which is a clear allusion to her past with Kaneki.

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