Yato, Hiyori and Yukine from "Noragami Aragoto"
Yato, Hiyori and Yukine from "Noragami Aragoto"Facebook/Noragami Aragoto

Most anime are conditioned to not expect second and third seasons of their favourite shows, but the writers hope for the best and end each season with huge cliffhanger, breaking the hearts of the fans who wait for two, three years and learn that the big reveal will never happen. However, "Noragami Aragoto" has been kind to its fans in the regard, and wrapped up most of its huge storylines in the Season 2 finale.

This act of kindness reinstated the fact that the writers of the show are some of the best in the business and that "Norgamis Aragoto" deserves a Season 3. There has been no official confirmation regarding another season from Bones (studio that produces "Noragami"), but considering there is enough manga chapters left to explore and that the show has managed to make quite a bit of profit in its two-season run, fans can expect another season.

Season 2 of "Noragami Aragoto" ended when the plot covered about 40 chapters from the anime series, and currently, there about 22 more chapters that can be explored. Moreover, the anime has ended with the great reveal about Fujisaki being the Father, meaning they are subtly pointing that there is more to be explored in the story.

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Moreover, they have cast voice actor Ishikawa Kaito as Father, and a prominent actor like him would not have joined the project unless it was a meaty role. If the show ends with the season, he would not have had much role in the series, and it is only logical that he had signed on to the project after confirming that he would have more to do as Father.

Manga Spoilers Ahead

Father is one of the most mysterious characters in the show, and is portrayed as more powerful than anyone who has been introduced in the "Noragami Aragoto" universe yet. He is definitely evil and sadistic, and in the manga he is portrayed as someone who hurts people just for the joy of it.

It is not revealed if Father is God, but considering he is 100-years-old and still looks like a teenager, most fans believed him to be one. However, in the manga it was mentioned that Father is in fact human, and that he jumps from one body to another.

This subject was touched in the beginning of the show, when Yato possessed Hiyori. However, now the question is, how a human managed to enact divine possession for over 100 years. Even in the manga series Father remains a mystery, but fans can hope to learn more about this evil, powerful being if "Noragami Aragoto" returns with Season 3.