Toddler catches Tigger having sex in public bathroom
3-year-old found Tigger having sex in public toiletReuters

Everyone has painful memories from childhood that haunts them for a long time, and catching one of your favourite cartoon characters going at it, is surely one that would leave quite a psychological scar.

A worried mother had called the police from a public bathroom in Barton Hill, England, after her three-year-old daughter caught "Tigger" having sex. According to the toddler's mother, a man who was dressed as the character "Tigger" from "Winnie The Pooh" was having "full-blown sex" with a naked woman in the baby changing room.

The incident was further brought to public attention after the grandmother of the toddler wrote a post regarding the incident on the ‚ÄéDawlish Neighbourhood Police Facebook wall. She reveals that on getting caught, "Tigger" and his sexual partner slammed the door in their faces and her granddaughter's fingers were bruised after getting caught in the door.

She further writes that it is very unfortunate that a 3-year-old had to witness a 30-year-old man in "Tigger" costume on top of an undressed woman and expressed hope that no other parent has the misfortune of witnessing this disgusting act.

The post has sparked the interest of some people and one woman named Helen Wilson also helpfully mentioned that she saw a man in a Tigger costume go out of Coop around 4 pm on the said day. "Didn't reconise him and the women he was with, but they must be on CCTV footage at coop. If that helps," she suggested.

Jodie Butterfield Harris also seconded Wilson's comment with, "Yes he was in a rowdy crowd coming down Queen Street my daughter recognised the tiger man too".

It is speculated that the said duo were dressed for a party that was taking place in Railway Inn, one of the oldest pubs in Dawlish, and were possibly drunk.

Tigger is a fictional tiger character introduced in AA Milne's book "The House at Pooh Corner" and like the other characters in "Pooh", he is also based on one of the stuffed animals that belonged to his son Christopher Robin Milne.