The two kick boxers fight at a local drinking spot in ThailandYouTube Video Screenshot

There always have been numerous cases of bizarre things happening in all kinds of sports, but this particular kickboxing match takes the cake, as the two fighters look like characters from Looney Toons rather than real boxers.

The fight, which reportedly took place in a local drinking spot in Thailand, initially appears to be a normal kick boxing bout as the two fighters seem to be showering each other with some serious kicks and punches.

The kick boxer in the white shorts appears to be on the cusp of victory as he knocks out his opponent in red shorts with a great counter punch in the 41st second of the video.

However, the fighter in white shorts, instead of finishing off his opponent, does something one would normally see in a cartoon, and kicks himself out of the ring.

After a while he gets back into the ring with a dustbin lid, which he smashes on his opponent's head, the same way that wrestlers do in the popular entertainment programme WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Flushed with his momentary victory, the fighter in the white shorts appears to be celebrating with his hands in the air.

However, his celebration is cut short as a random man from the audience comes to the ring and smashes another dustbin lid on head.

Somehow the fight carries on and the fighter in red shorts suddenly gets up and lands a huge kick into his opponents face.

But nothing happens to the kickboxer in white shorts as he gets up and starts raining punches on his opponent.

Finally, the video ends with the fighter in white shorts knocking his opponent down with a huge over the head punch.

No prizes for guessing who won the fight.