A 55-year-old woman in Perumbakam in Chennai is alleged to have buried her husband alive as he had wished to attain immortality after death.

The daughter of Nagaraj, who was working as an IT professional came home on Thursday and found that her father was missing and her mother Lakshmi did not inform anything. However on Saturday, after continuous pestering, informed her that on the basis of the wish of her father he was buried alive so that he could attain immortality.

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The husband, Nagaraj, 59, after visiting a few temples across Tamil Nadu had told people that he was communicating directly to God and that he was a priest. He had also built a small temple in the backyard of their home and used it to deliver prophecies to people who visited the place.

Police said that according to his daughter, on Tuesday, November 16, Nagaraj developed chest pain and told his wife that he was going to die and asked her to bury him alive so that he could attain immortality.

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After he was unconscious, Lakshmi called two labourers and told them that they want to dig a big pit and claimed that it was for a water tank. She buried Nagaraj on November 17, Wednesday while he was unconscious.

Police dug out the body from the pit in presence of RDO and sent it for postmortem. Perambakkam SHO told IANS that the postmortem report would reveal whether Nagaraj was buried alive.

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