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Representational picture: A cruise ship sits in the harbour on December 10, 2017, in St John's, Antiqua.Getty Images

Who doesn't remember the iconic Titanic moment when Jack and Rose looked at the dolphins from the deck of the ship. Many of us have wanted to look out of a ship to live the cinematic moment in real life. However, when a woman on board Fantasy-class cruise ship Carnival Elation stepped out of her cabin's balcony, little did she know that she wasn't going to make it back into the room.

According to Miami Herald, an unidentified woman fell off her cabin's balcony and died.

The incident took place on Friday. The woman was on board of the cruise travelling from Florida to The Bahamas. Cause of the fall is yet to be revealed.

Recounting the incident, a spokesman of the cruise line said that the woman fell "several decks below" her balcony, unfortunately leading to her death.

"The ship's medical team responded immediately but unfortunately, she passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the deceased and her family," Carnival Cruise Line spokesman Vance Gulliksen said in a statement.

"The incident was reported to all proper authorities and CARE Team support was offered to fellow travellers and her family. Our thoughts and prayers are with the deceased and her family," the statement added. The cruise was on a four-day Bahamas sail.

Fellow passengers of the cruise, Megan and Matthew Burdewick, whose cabin were close to the woman who died, reportedly texted their mother Maureen La Bryer and informed her about the on-board incident.

"We weren't [allowed] off the boat to Freeport until they investigated it. They were taking pictures [and everything]," Megan's text read. Speaking of the fall, she said: "There was blood everywhere."

Daily Mail reports that this isn't the first death-by-fall incident to be reported from the cruise. Last year, at least two people died in a similar way.

An 8-year-old fell off the fifth-story deck of Glory when the ship was at dock in October 2017 and Kevin Wellons of Georgia fell from the 11th-floor deck of the Elation.