Titanfall 2 tricks: Easy steps to rank-up in the game without breaking sweat
Titanfall 2 tricks: Easy steps to rank-up in the game without breaking sweatTitanfall

Titanfall 2, the first-person-shooter video game is now live for gamers owning Microsoft Xbox One, Windows PCs and Sony PS4 across the world. At this point in time, it is only natural for gamers to look out for tricks that help in levelling up fast in-game.

Now, it is easy to rank up rapidly (as discovered by gaming tipsters on YouTube ) in Titanfall 2 whilst still maintaining active energy levels. Follow the below steps in order to level up fast in-game:

Step 1: The foremost step is to carefully evaluate challenges; before beginning any of these. Upon completion of challenges, you can unlock cosmetic items and gain merits.

Step 2: Check out the Amped Hardpoint (for amateurs). For those possessing advanced skills, the Capture The Flag mode should sync perfectly with levels of in-game skills. Noted game tipsters have rated the Coliseum mode highly. However, to play Coilseum, you would need credits; therefore be sure of accumulating as much of these as possible.

Step 3: Codes that give you double in-game XP can be activated by taking one match at a time.

Step 4: It is important that you evaluate Regenerations (similar to Prestiges in Call of Duty). Once you reach rank 50, you will be given the opportunity to Regenerate. Upon regeneration, you will be rewarded with cosmetic items. Do remember that you can Regenerate in Titanfall 2, without even doing challenges. This aspect is new here.