Late night hunger pangs
Late night hunger pangsReuters

There are times when we suddenly wake up in the middle of the night craving for food; its a common experience for most of us. Late night hunger pangs can be caused due to various reasons.

Having inappropriate meal before sleeping - If you skip your meal or don't consume the appropriate quantity that you should, you will end up with a disrupted sleep. Also, not having proper lunch or breakfast can make you feel hungry at nights.

Improper bed timings - This can also lead to hunger pangs at abrupt hours during the night time. Your body clock will lead to these hunger strikes because the body clock doesn't easily get used to irregular time tables. Don't sleep too early or too late and have your dinner at a fixed time around 10 p.m. in order to keep your tummy filled for longer time.

Night eating syndrome (NES) - This can be another reason for feeling hungry at nights. It's a rare disorder which triggers hunger pangs.

Ghrelin - Studies have found that a hunger causing hormone called ghrelin can lead to nocturnal hunger. Recurring eating habits and fasting can cause the secretion of this hormone, which can suddenly make you starve at night.

Some ways to get rid of these nocturnal hunger pangs are:

Proper breakfast and lunch - Consuming protein and carb-rich breakfast and lunch will keep you filled for long and help in cutting down your urges for junk food.

Small eats - After you have a good hearty meal, feel free to consume light eats before your next meal. This will again sway unwanted hunger away while providing you with the required energy.  

Snacks before dinner - To make sure hunger doesn't bug you once you hit the bed, go and nibble on some healthy bites like dry fruits and salads. This would prevent you from waking up and hunting food in the middle of the night.

Don't skip dinner - Skipping your dinner will definitely make your stomach grumble at night; hence, play smart and eat sufficient food. Overeating too can make you feel uncomfortable.

Stay hydrated - Drink plenty of water everyday. Apart from keeping you hydrated, it will also help in keeping hunger at bay.