Tina Ahuja is the daughter of the popular Bollywood actor Govinda. She made her big Bollywood debut with the film Second Hand Husband. Despite being superstar Govinda's daughter, she has carved a niche for herself in the industry. 

Not many know that she styles her father. Recently Tina made her digital debut with Zee 5's film 'Driving Me Crazy'.

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, Tina Ahuja spills the beans about her journey in Bollywood, advice her dad Govinda gave her, and how during her growing up years she has seen fortunes change every Friday and more.

Tina Ahuja

Excerpts from the candid conversation:

You are making your web debut with 'Driving Me Crazy', tell us about your role?

My role is of a modern girl who is confident and takes her own decisions in life. She is like any other youngster who is enthusiastic and bubbling with energy to take life head-on.

Tina Ahuja

Have you been offered web shows/ films earlier?

Yes, I have been offered web shows earlier. However, I was waiting for the right thing to come on my plate. I think that it was the right decision since 'Driving Me Crazy' has become a huge hit. Since it is a short film - it helped me understand the nuances of digital platforms. 

How comfortable are you doing erotic roles?

I have seen the promotion of such kinds of shows online - and they are coming from famous production houses and aired on popular digital platforms. Perhaps there is a massive demand for such shows, and hence they have a massive chunk of OTT viewership. I have also tried watching a few of them online. However, to be candid, I have never been offered one, so have not given it a thought and really cannot comment on the same.

Tina Ahuja with Govinda

Coming from a filmi family, your dad is a superstar, and with the whole nepotism debate going around. How do you see your career?

I believe everyone by now knows that my father has not even made a single phone call for me or spoke to anyone about me. Whatever I have done till now is on my own and merit. Undoubtedly he is a very supportive and doting father. I have not gone to him nor someone else and requested them to give me work, just because I am Govinda's daughter. I believe in myself and feel that coming from a film background can initially provide one with a launchpad, but after a while, it's an individual's ability that is tested.

Tina Ahuja with dad Govinda

Did your dad Govinda ever planned to launch you?

We always work together with each other behind the camera. Not many people know that I am my dad's stylist for the past two years. Although, the directors and producers my father has worked with within this duration know about the same. I love being around him.

You are a self-made girl, you took your decisions and chose films you wanted to do, some worked some didn't. Do failures bother you?

Not at all, whenever I do something I try and give it my best shot - I try to give more than 100%. Once done, I leave the project to its fate. I have no regrets. I have been lucky enough not to encounter failure till now. During my growing up years - I have seen the fortunes changing Friday to Friday and understand that one should never take success to head and failure to heart.

Tina Ahuja

How do you see your career now?

I am an eternal optimist and have always visualised it going right. I also firmly believe that it is too early to be judgemental. I am focused, and I am working on myself and taking up work that I like - I like to enjoy life whether it is on-camera or off-camera.

Tina Ahuja

Can we see you and your father together doing a film?

Yes, he has an idea in his mind of making a film with me. It would be exciting to work with him as an actor. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Advice that your father has given you?

The one thing that I have learned from my father and believe in is - to be honest, and give 100% without any expectations. I try to imbibe it in the very sense of the word, and this has helped me tide over many rough waves.