Timex, a well-known watchmaker, house of Nautica, GUESS, Gc, Versace, Versus and Salvatore Ferragamo brands, recently launched a new Fitness Band, fusing fashion and fitness together. The new fitness tracker joins the growing category, yet makes a stand of its own through distinct design. Launched at Rs 4,495, Timex Fitness Band is one of the affordable offerings and makes for an excellent gifting choice.

We received the Timex Fitness Band with Rose Gold stainless steel mesh band, but there is one in black mesh and black silicone strap. The fitness band, as bling as it may come across, is touted as a unisex offering. Before we get on to the review, here's a quick look at what the band offers for the price.

Timex Fitness Band features a 2.4cm colour touch display, promises 5-day battery, and has activity tracking capabilities, heart rate monitoring, offers music control and notification alert. It is also water-resistant up to 1.5 meters. In terms of features, we found nothing extra. But does it stand the test of time, let's find out.

Timex Fitness Band Review: Putting fashion into fitness

Design and display

Timex Fitness Band is one of the better-looking fitness trackers out there. Even though it is advertised to be a unisex model, we found the rose gold bracelet to match the women's accessories. The black mesh, better yet, the silicone model, would be perfect for men who don't want too much bling. But it all comes down to one's personal choice at the end of the day.

But what we loved the most about the strap is its magnetic lock, which is easy to loosen or tighten and doesn't really fall of your wrist. It goes with a wristwatch and even complements your party attire - more with a gown rather than a tux. It's so light, you won't feel its weight on your wrist, so wearing it for long hours will not cause any problems. But for avid workout sessions, you might find it comfortable to use the rubber strap that is complementary in the box.

Timex Fitness Band Review: Putting fashion into fitness

The 2.4cm dial fits perfectly on the wrist and is bright enough to be used outdoors, while out for a run or a casual outing. The touch responsiveness was a bit of an issue as navigating between different screens wasn't as feasible. But that's the case with almost any fitness tracker with a few exceptions. The design, mesh bracelet to be specific, has to be the biggest USP of the Timex Fitness Band.

Activity tracking

Timex Fitness Band, in addition to tracking activities, can also monitor heart rate, burnt calories, distance traveled. From what we tested, heart rate was nearly accurate, almost comparable to Apple Watch S5 with 80 percent accuracy. As for steps, even your hand movements might be picked up as steps. But it will track all your steps and a little more.

Timex Fitness Band Review: Putting fashion into fitness

You can pick from various activities, such as running, cycling, badminton, table tennis, football and basketball - all of which will help you track calories you've burned during the chosen activity. It will help you stay motivated to do more as the home screen shows calories and steps at a glance. As in any fitness band, Timex once paired, can let you control music and get SMS and calls notifications.

Battery life

Timex fitness band, with tracking activities and paired to the phone at all times, can go for days on a single charge. We were able to get 4-5 days on average, but charging was a hassle. It's not the charging speed, rather the need to carry the special charging dock which clamps to the tracker like a clip.


The Timex Fitness Band is meant to offer an alternative for those who cannot afford the Timex iConnect Premium Active, which costs almost twice as much. But if you're going by industry standards and alternatives available in the market, Timex Gusto is a good place to start if you're really looking to save money. If you can do away with the fashion element of this fitness band, the Gusto series by Timex has various options available.

But you're not limited to Timex offerings as Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has a competitive edge with its Mi Smart Band 5 at Rs 2,499 with longer battery, sleep monitoring, women's health tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring, breathing exercises and more - all while saving some bucks. Timex is solely relying on the fashion element to push as many units of its fitness band off the shelves and given the niche category it hopes to tap, it might even have takers.