war between aliens and humans
Alien war with humans as depicted in the trailer of Hollywood movie Edge of Tomorrow

Jason Quitt, a self-proclaimed time traveller recently talked on an AM radio show and claimed that a blood-shedding war will be fought between aliens and humans in the future. The man who claims himself as a multi-dimensional time traveller made these startling revelations while talking in this week's Coast to Coast AM radio show.

As per Jason Quitt, the upcoming war between aliens and humans will be so dreaded, and it will force mankind to change the existing world order. Quitt also made it clear that he is not able to change the future, thus creating a paradox.

At one point in time, Quitt revealed that he witnessed a technologically advanced city where inhabitants could communicate with people and objects using telepathy. He also revealed that humans living in the future are integrated with artificial intelligence (AI). The time traveller added that the government in the future will be actually an Artificial Intelligence (AI) presence tapped into every person on the earth.

Jason Quitt, during the talk also detailed the aftermath of the war between aliens and humans. As per Quitt, the war which will be fought between aliens and humans will not be the same as depicted in Hollywood movies, and it will be much more disastrous than that.

"What see in a war zone is not what you see in the movies, it is very different and it hurts you to see those things. You come back to sort of shell-shocked and you don't know how to express that because it sticks with you," said Jason Quitt, Express.co.uk reports.

Jason Quitte is now slowly emerging as a popular personality among conspiracy theorists all across the world. In several talks and interviews, Jason Quitte has made it clear that he does not have the capability to travel physically across time, instead, he can travel across the time by leaving his body.

"Once I am out I lose all control. I have no idea where I am going or if I am going to even retain that memory. If I even try to influence the experience I wake up. These experiences feel like they last for only a couple of minutes at the most – they are very quick. So I am trying very hard to extend it," revealed Quitte during the Coast to Coast AM talk.

This is not the first time that a man has claimed to have travelled across time. Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel Apex TV has been uploading time travel testimonials for the past couple of years, and most of them seem unbelievable. Even though conspiracy theorists are convinced of the videos uploaded by Apex TV, sceptics have dismissed these claims stating that these clips are shot with the help of amateur actors.