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Bollywood rumored couple — Tiger Shroff aka Jai Hemant Shroff and Disha Patani — have impressed everyone with the recently released trailer of Baaghi 2. But the pair, normally spotted together at several events and movie dates, used to avoid being on sets at the same time.

Trouble in paradise? In fact, there were rumors that Tiger's mother Ayesha Shroff doesn't like Disha, who feels insecure about Tiger's female co-stars.

Speaking about the rumored couple, Baaghi 2 director Ahmed Khan confirmed their relationship during the trailer launch and also said how they were professional on the sets.

He said: "Both are really mature. They would come in separate cars. If Tiger would be on set, Disha wouldn't be there and vice versa. On set, they were Ronnie and Neha (their characters). And this comes from within you."

That's a sigh of relief! This means all is well between Disha and Tiger. In fact, during the trailer launch event, Disha said that Tiger is the reason why she performed her own stunts in Baaghi 2.

"Because of him, I have started doing action, whatever little I have done. I have seen him train. I was on set once or twice when Tiger was doing his action scenes because I believe when you are doing such a scene, you are in a different frame of mind. You should let the actor breathe. I don't want to get hurt," Disha told the media.

The Baaghi 2 trailer was released on February 21.

Here's the review of International Business Times, India:

The trailer is filled with high-octane action sequences, with some glimpses of Tiger's romance with Disha Patani. Tiger and Disha's romance is restricted to just the first 13 seconds of the trailer, and the rest of the 2-minute 45-second video is all action.

Although the trailer is quite entertaining, thanks to Tiger's high-flying kicks and punches, the makers have apparently revealed too much in it. Almost the entire story has been revealed in the trailer itself, leaving very little for the audience to be inquisitive about.