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Sundeep Kishan's much-awaited Telugu movie "Tiger", starring Rahul Ravindran and Seerat Kapoor in important roles, has received positive response from audience, who have lauded the lead actors' performances.

Written and directed by VI Anand, "Tiger" is romantic action entertainer inspired from a real-life incident that took place in north India. The film is an emotional journey of three friends Tiger, Vishnu and Ganga and deals with the problems faced by them.

Viewers, who watched the film, said the story is the main highlight of the movie.

Check out stills from Tiger Here.  

Sundeep Kishan, who plays the title role of Tiger, appears as an aggressive youngster who loves his friends and is ready do anything for them. He is seen in a mass role for the first time in his career. Rahul Ravindran and Seerat Kapoor have played Vishnu and Ganga respectively. The amazing chemistry among these three actors is another highlight of the film. 

"Tiger" has decent production values. Melodious music and brilliant camera work are the biggest attractions in the technical front, say the audience. We bring to you viewers' verdict on the film posted on Twitter. 

Idlebrain Jeevi ‏@idlebrainjeevi

#Tiger interval. Promising so far. Superb work by Chota. Nice bgm by Thaman. #tiger is a decent and engaging film. A bold move by Sundeep Kishan to accept this script. Will be a feather in his career!

VamsiKaka ‏@vamsikaka

Emotional and entertaining first half. Fantastic BGM by Thaman . Both Sundeep and Rahul delivered good performances. Loved #Tiger . Entertaining and emotional. Very good performances from Sundeep Kishan and Rahul.

TeluguOne ‏@Theteluguone

The movie is inspired by a real-life incident in which Sundeep essays the role of #Tiger. Emotional and entertaining first half. Fantastic BGM by Thaman . Both and @sundeepkishan and @23_rahulr delivered good performances. #Tiger

Avad's ‏@avadsays

Done with #tiger @sundeepkishan is superb in a mass role...BGM Adirindi Crisp run time and less songs will be a huge plus for @sundeepkishan #Tiger

V Mallikarjun ‏@InsideMalli

Done with #Tiger.. @sundeepkishan yet again proves that he is a versatile actor.. :) @23_rahulr at his best.. :)

Ravi Kiran ‏@Ravikrn36

@SeeratK3 Hey Ganga(seerat) watched #Tiger movie&its trending in twitter nw super concept surprise entry of @Rakulpreet n clmax was nice&gud @SeeratK3 I totally enjoyed ur #tiger movie ur perfmnce was awsme and lookd much prety finaly ur movie has came out +ly with +ve hit talk..

Sandeeptelugucinemas ‏@Matelugucinema

Tiger first half is intresting @sundeepkishan and @23_rahulr performance #Tiger super hit Good comedy and emotional film @sundeepkishan @23_rahulr performance simply super #Tiger roared

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

#Tiger Superuuu @sundeepkishan Kummesadu Elevation scenes adiripoyayi .. Cinematography, Taking Pakka Commercial Entertainer 3.25/5

Rayarao Sriram ‏@rayaraosreeram

#Tiger ok first half and good second half.. A Time pass film. One time watch..

Sravani lAkshMi ‏@SChowdarie

#Tiger is a well handled commercial entertainer.BGM,Cinematography r Good.. @sundeepkishan @23_rahulr Congrats.

Vihari ‏@pvihari

#Tiger interval time.. Movie has picked up pace at the right time. Interesting interval block #Tiger completed.. Movie is good..

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

Interval.. Good so far #Tiger #Tiger is a well handled commercial entertainer.BGM,Cinematography r Good Good performances by both @sundeepkishan @23_rahulr. !! Congrats.

Santosh Parsa ‏@ParsaSantosh

# tiger...Commercial emotional entertainer .. Good performances from @sundeepkishan and @23_rahulr :) congratulations bhayya

Mahesh S Koneru ‏@smkoneru

Tiger .. Commercial emotional entertainer .. Good performances from @sundeepkishan and @23_rahulr :)

VICTORY ‏@mahesh2442

#Tiger- On track, with good interval bang....@sundeepkishan #Tiger - Enjoyable and has fine ingredients of becoming a HIT......@sundeepkishan

NAVEEN KASI ‏@naveen_kasi

Interval #Tiger good so far re-entry with BGM is super @MusicThaman

Deepak ‏@Deepuzoomout

#interval - @sundeepkishan iaragateesadu. Film has good conviction. Re-entry song aithe goosebumps eh!! @MusicThaman #Tiger E madya kalamlo Raviteja tarvatha aa range energy oka hero vachinapudu feel ayindi #Tiger lo @sundeepkishan ni chusthunapude. Seerat kapoor wrong cast, aa usual Rahul kastha over ayadu, but sundeep kishan leveled everything so far #Tiger ‏@manikick

#Tiger first half: Positives: BGM, Cinematography Negitives: Preinterval

Bittu !! ‏@tharungstars

Dat Re-entry song of @sundeepkishan ki Goosebumps guaranteed.. BGM dummu lepaadu #Tiger #Tiger entertaining 1st msg in 2nd half.. @sundeepkishan steals d show @23_rahulr decent role @SeeratK3
Crispy runtime

kalyan chakravarthi ‏@kalyanathidhi

First half of #Tiger going good Bgm by thaman is good @23_rahulr and @sundeepkishan doing good job....