China tiger attack
China tiger attackReuters

A woman was killed and another mauled by a tiger in an animal park in Beijing, China. The tiger jumped on a woman when she got out of her car inside a tiger enclosure, a Chinese state-run newspaper reported.

The tiger mauled the women at Badaling Wildlife World within the area that allows people to drive their vehicles through the tiger enclosure, the New York Times reported.

In the video (which has been widely circulated on social media), a woman can be seen getting out of the car and then walking to the other side of the vehicle. A few moments later, a tiger attacks the woman. As the animal drags the women away, her husband and mother jump out in a bid to save her.

The second person (believed to be the mother) who jumped out of the car was trying to save the other attacked girl. She was later killed by the tiger. However, the women's husband remained uninjured.

A Yanqing district government official confirmed that the tiger attack did take place at the park, which lies at the foot of the Great Wall.

The Yanqing Country government has issued a statement warning the people to be careful while driving through the Siberian Tiger enclosure. "According to preliminary investigation, the accident occurred in the process of self-drive tourist parties, tourists get off privately by tiger attack. Details are being investigated."

It further added: "After the Yanqing District has instructed the relevant departments of the joint investigating team to investigate the cause of the incident and has ordered the immediate closure of Beijing Badaling Wildlife Park."

Watch the horrifying video of the women being dragged by the tiger below: